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How to unlock ufone puk code?

Reset Ufone Puk Code in Minutes

Are you a Ufone customer and your Sim is asking for Puk Code? It is because you have entered wrong password multiple times and locked your sim. You might need the PUK code now but unable to find it. You need to know How to unlock ufone puk code? Here we will help you to find the correct code and reset your pin code to access your sim and use it again. PUK is a Personal Unblocking Key that is used to secure your SIM data from getting leaked. This code is unique for everyone and  generated by company at the time of registration. You required it when you accidentally or someone else enters wrong password three times consistently.

By following the simple and easy steps/methods can help you to reset your sim.

Use The USSD Code

Dial *336# from your Ufone Sim card and open My profile Click on PUK Code to find out your active code, keep in mind that this will only work if your sim in not blocked and working properly. Keep the code safe and use it at the time of need. If your sim is already blocked than you have to try another method.


At the time of registration the sim comes up with a cover pack and a small kit having details about the company and containing your sim details. Check the back of the cover to find your code and use it to unblock your sim within a minute. This way your sim will work properly but if you lost the packet and unable to find the code try the last method.

ufone helpline number

Contact Helpline

When there is no one to help you a company can! try to call Ufone by dialing 333 from any ufone number. The spoke person will ask some personal details from you,  your name, CNIC #, contact number, Date of birth and may be mothers name to identify you. Customer Care Representative will provide you a refresh code number after verification and that code can be use to reset your sim card.

You can also visit the nearest franchise to get the code and fix your query, If you still looking for a solution let us know.

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