How to turn off PS5?

How to turn off PS5?

It’s very easy to turn off the latest gaming console from Sony!!  Right?? Just kidding!!! The manufacturer company didn’t make this as simple as you’re thinking.  It’s hard for someone who is just coming from PS3 or PS4; these consoles had totally different methods of switching off the device.  For example, in its predecessors and other consoles from its rival companies, including Xbox and Nintendo, the switching of the entire console was a piece of cake. Even a kid can end the entire game and switch off the console.

In the previous consoles, you just want to press and hold the PS button / Xbox button/home button until and unless the UI of the console gives you a pop-up or dialog box, which shows you an option to power down the console without a controller or button. In that way, the process took hardly a few seconds or a minute.

How to turn off PS5?

Apparently, the user interface of PS5 makes it difficult for us to shut down. Therefore, the UI has faced criticism since its worldwide launch.

In this guide, we’ll give you the instructions for switching off the entire PlaStation5. Notably, there are 2 methods of turning off the Sony gaming console- PS5. The two methods include:

  1. DualSense pad
  2. By using the buttons on the console itself

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How to turn off ps5 while in rest mode?

Moreover, there’s a difference between the two states of “OFF”, which includes as below:

  • Fully shut down
  • Rest mode

According to Sony, a full shut down means to end or delete all the gaming activities. While the latter means, the gaming device will continue to run in the background. Moreover, in the rest mode of the gaming gadget, the console will download patches, install games, and charge controllers.

Turn ps5 to rest mode

However, this mode of the smart device can still consume some power. According to the reports, it consumed 0.5W of energy.

Anyhow, it’s up to you which method do you prefer. However, we’ve given you both of them.

 How to turn off PS5 via the pad or a controller?

In this part of the article, we’ll give you the instruction for shutting down the PS5 with the help of the controller.

  1. Press the embossed PlayStation logo on our Pad:

Unlike its predecessors, the button or a logo of a PS needs to be a single tap, rather than pressing and holding for some time.

  1. Locate the icon of “Power”:

In this step, you’ll be given two rows of icons. The upper row will contain contextual activities. On the other hand, the bottom row will comprise navigation options.

In the bottom row, you’ll find a “Power” icon by pressing down on the pad or a controller.

  1. Select “Turn OFF PS5” or “Enter Rest Mode”:

In this last step of the guide on a pad after pressing the “Power” icon, you’ll be able to see three options:

  • Enter Rest Mode
  • Turn Off PS5
  • Restart PS5

Now, it is up to your choice whether to enter on the above-mentioned options or not. If you want to shut down all the activities, choose the option of “Turn OFF PS5”

How to turn off PS5 on the console itself?

Fortunately, if you are using this console while sitting close to it, you can turn off the device in a single and simple step.

Here’s how to do this single step. Let’s begin the instructions:

Press and hold the power button:

If you’re acquiring the “Digital Edition”, there you can see the two buttons in the middle of the gadget. These two buttons are located on the black bar of the device. Moreover, on the disk version, the button of “Power” is on the left side if the PlayStation is placed horizontally. While the button is at the bottom of the PS is held vertically.

Then, Press and Hold the button until one beep. After holding the button, the PS5 will go to the rest mode. Furthermore, you’ve to wait for another or second beep for the complete shutdown of the system.

That’s it, in the above-mentioned methods, one can turn off its PS5. This article helps you to shutting down our PS5, if yes, then share this article with your gaming partners.

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