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How to stop Reddit Notifications

How to stop Reddit notifications

You are annoyed by the Reddit notifications and you want to stop these notifications on your PC or chrome. First of all, you need to know the actual reason behind these pop-ups. The pop-ups you received are the outcome of the Windows 10 notification bar on your PC. You had allowed notifications when you went to a particular site. To stop the Reddit notifications; Go to Start> Settings> System> Notifications and Actions>. By doing this you can remove the chrome from the “Get Notifications from these Senders” portion. 


Before knowing the process of disabling the Reddit notifications, one should know that what actually Reddit is.

  • Reddit is a social media platform used for what’s new and popular on the Internet. In short, it tells what is trending on the internet.
  • The users on Reddit provide all of the content and decide through voting that what’s good and what’s worst on the whole internet.
  • Reddit is made up of many individual communities or groups likewise Facebook, also known as subreddits. Each community or group has its own page, subject, users, moderators, and admins.
  • Some users post stories, links, and media (images or pictures) to these subreddits, and other users vote and comment on those posts to make them popular.
  • Posts that receive community approval rank up towards number 1, so the home page is continuously in motion and filled with fresh, trending, or interesting posts.

How to disable Reddit notifications on chrome:


  1. Chrome>settings>content>all>search>notification.
  2. After this, you can search for “Reddit”, expand the Reddit part and then click on the 3 tabs where you can then stop the pop-ups.

iii. Down right corner (Windows) Notifications > Settings> Chrome notification settings > remove Reddit from allowed option.

The pop-ups of any sites are always annoying so everyone wants to stop these notifications as soon as possible. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can easily stop these annoying notifications on your PC. Clicking on the 3 dots, you can both delete cache data and change permissions, setting all of them to deny.

By following this procedure you can’t receive any more notifications, even though you still have been listed in the Chrome setting.

If you have recently visited a subreddit, you may receive trending posts or stories from that subreddit. But if you stop going to a particular community and spend some time on other posts the notifications will start to reflect according to your interests. On the contrary, you can’t turn off notifications for a single community (subreddit) notification, so you can block all notifications completely at once.

Native Apps

  1. Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner to the left of the search bar.
  2. Then Tap on Settings.
  3. After this, Tap on the Notifications
  4. At last, turn off Trending Posts on Reddit.

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