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How to put iMac to sleep

How to put iMac to sleep

Put your macantiosh to sleep or wake it

When you’re not using your iMac which means it is inactive. Then you can save energy by putting it to sleep. When your iMac is in sleep, but it’s turned on or power off and iMac consumes less power. It takes your iMac less time to wake from sleep than it does to power on after being turned off.

Place your iMac to sleep:

To put your iMac to sleep then you could do any of the following things:

  • Choose Apple menu >click on Sleep.
  • Click on an iMac notebook> closes the display.
  • If you’re using an iMac with a CD or a DVD drive then you should press the Option-Command or Media Eject key.

How to put iMac to sleep


If your iMacontosh has a Touch Bar then you can add the Sleep button to the Control Strip by following the steps as below.

Choose Apple menu >then System Preferences> click on Keyboard> click on the Keyboard button> then click Customize Control Strip> after that Drag the Sleep button onto the Touch Bar.

Wake your iMac from sleep:

To wake your iMac, do any of the following things:

  • Press a key on the keyboard or click the mouse or trackpad.
  • On a Mac notebook, open the display.
Reasons behind iMac not getting to sleep:

If your iMac doesn’t go to sleep when you expect then there are several things or reasons behind it. Here are some of the reasons listed below:

  • Check your Energy Saver settings in your iMac and make sure that your iMac won’t automatically go to sleep until or unless it is not in the use.
  • The same network activities that can wake your iMac can also keep your Mac from sleeping.
  • Any app or other process that’s running on your Mac could also be keeping your Mac awake. Check out the Energy Saver to identify apps that need your iMac to be awake and that are running in the background.
  • The other apps running in the background of your iMac prevent from sleeping. When you are doing certain things, such as playing music or video, or printing, or downloading files.
How to properly set iMac to sleep:

If you don’t see any apps listed in Activity Monitor that could be preventing sleep, please follow these steps next:

If the above-mentioned steps don’t work for you then follow the additional settings or steps for putting your iMacintosh to sleep.

These following additional steps might help you to identify or resolve this issue:

  1. Reset the SMC.
  2. Reset NVRAM.

iii. Disconnect external devices other than your Apple keyboard, mouse, etc. If that resolves the issue it is quite good but if it does not resolve the issue then gradually reconnects your device, until and unless you find your iMac that is issuing with sleep.

  1. Then check out the documentation that contains terms and conditions that came with the device, or contact to the device manufacturer.
  2. Start up your iMac in Safe Mode to see whether the issue is related to non-Apple startup items, login items, or other extensions or not.
  3. Try to resolve this issue by using another account in your iMac.


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