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How to Post on Instagram without Notifying Followers

How to post on Instagram without notifying followers

It would also be fantastic if there existed a method to upload photos without nobody seeing the post since occasionally you do not even realize how nicely a great photograph or photo will suit the Instagram feed. Unluckily, when you have a huge number of followers, it’s indeed difficult to post something without everyone seeing it, and even though you do, it shouldn’t be left up for a long time. Let’s see how to post on Instagram without notifying followers, keep reading.

We’ve prepared for you if you’ll need to share something on Instagram and don’t want all your friends to see it. The methods we’ve outlined here will just let you submit a Photo on Instagram without nobody seeing it, irrespective of your goal—whether you want to determine whether the post can fit the layout or you have to repost content from another Instagram profile.

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Is it possible to post something on Instagram that nobody else sees?

On Instagram, it is impossible to post something without it appearing on someone else’s feed. When you publish a photo to Instagram, folks who have their feeds updated will notice it. Your friends would be allowed in seeing your content for as short as it exists if your profile is hidden. While your profile is accessible, the posting will be visible to anybody who views your account.

Remember that viewers who’ve been reloading their feeds at the time you post your content will still view it even when you employ the techniques we’ll discuss next. Additionally, your friends and account viewers will be able to see every post you make.

The following are the methods for posting on Instagram while keeping your fans in the dark.

  1. Immediately archive it, as you submit the content.
  2. Post anything online and then swiftly remove it.
  3. To check how the item will appear in your grids, use Combin Scheduling.
  4. You can unfollow or block a contact.
  5. Set Instagram to private.

After publishing the post, archive it immediately

The very first step in hiding the article you recently published is to preserve it as soon as it has been published. After roughly 48 hours, keep it in your archive before removing it.

As a result, you may be certain that none of the followers saw it. Your posts will solely be visible to individuals who have visited your account.

Can I publish something on Instagram that my followers won’t see?

Your Engagement condition can be turned either on or off anywhere at the moment. To access your account, tap the profile pic inside the lower right. Touch the upper left corner. To remove the option, select Security and privacy and next press the button beside Show activity history.

How can I prevent Instagram from alerting my friends to my posts?

To enable or disable push notifications:

  1. To access the profile, select the profile photo on the bottom right side.
  2. Make an upward tap.
  3. Click on Notifications.
  4. Click Push Notifications, then modify your preferences.

How do you set Instagram post privately?

For the “Update Your Profile” choice to appear just beside your profile photo, switch Instagram to Private Access. Set the “Posts Are Private” option to the setting on iOS devices. Click the “Posts are Private” option if you have a Pc or Android device. The modified settings take effect right away.


Keep your profile private if you’d like to post Instagram stuff that just your followers will see. Erase all the outsiders from your following list to ensure that only individuals you’re familiar with and therefore can believe will view your images and videos. Visit Instagram Preferences > Privacy > turn on the Private account button to keep your account hidden.


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