HOW TO PLAY ZOMBIES ON COD: Mobile Undead Siege mode?

Gameplay of zombies on cod

What is Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies Update 2021?


The Zombies within the Call of Duty Mobile have been introduced from time to time in the lifespan of the game. Whereas in other gaming consoles and PC versions, it is termed the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. On the other hand, several players find it difficult to play the Undead Siege mode. Such as playing the tutorial and main mission. Therefore, in this brief guide, we’ll show how to play the Zombies mode from its tutorial mission to the main mission.

Before starting this guide, you should be aware of the previous similar event that took place in the COD Mobile. When the Zombies mode was first introduced in the game it created so much hype that every single player wanted this update or you can say a mode. After seeing this as a much demanding hot event and update. The developers at Call of Duty were shocked. Then finally, on July 31st, 2021 the gaming company introduced the Zombies mode known as the Undead Siege in its new update rollout.

REMEMBER!!! This is a limited-time event, so it can be removed at any time by the game developers. Therefore, after going through this guide, enjoy playing as much as you can.

Just for the confirmation, have you ever tried this Undead mode or not? If not, don’t worry we’ll guide you on how to defend the machine from undead enemies and kill the different waves of Zombies.


How to Play ZOMBIES on Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

After the July 31st update, there’s an introduction of Undead Siege mode. Therefore, you should have to be in the updated version of the mobile game. If you haven’t updated this most anticipated update yet, head over to the Play Stores or App stores for updating the game. For instance, for iOS users, you’ll need to go Apple App Store. Whereas if you are using an Android device, Google Play Store is the platform from which the game can be updated.

Once you’ve updated the BR game, you’ll be able to see the option of “Undead Siege” on the main menu of the smartphone game.

After entering into this particular game mode, you’ll be able to start the gameplay with the Tutorial Mission. Moreover, this beginning mission has several tasks to kick-start your Main Mission. In the below portion, we’ll briefly showcase how to play these two important missions.

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1.      Tutorial Mission

After entering into the “ Undead Siege”- Zombies mode from the main menu of the game, by default there is a tutorial mission for knowing the exact story of the mission.  Besides this, the game will ask you to complete the trial mission by killing some zombies. You can kill the undead enemies with the help of a melee and some weapons. After killing the wave of undead creators, you will need to go to the marked location. In the marked location, the players need to acquire some things to defend a portal machine.

In the story mode of the gameplay, a German friend of the character is working on this portal machine. Therefore, the players need to defend this machine from deadly creatures by deploying some turrets.

Once you’ve completed this trial version of the game, you’ll be then teleported to another mission. In fact, that’s the real threat of the Call of Duty: Undead Siege- the Zombies mode.

2.      Main Mission

After finishing the tutorial version of the gameplay, you’ll be dropped to the real, but the more difficult and interesting mission – the main mission. This entire mission goes around the protection of that above-mentioned machine.

Moreover, this mission comprises 3 days and 3 nights. One day is typically 2 minutes long, after the daylight ends, the real threat starts. In the day time, you are free to move around the entire map, but keeping an eye on the waves of deadly creatures.  While at the same time, there’s a need of collecting some kinds of stuff or resources, including weapons and other health kits.

However, in the case of night, you’ll need to deal with several waves of zombies due to the portal machine- the machine being defended by you and your teammates in several scenarios. Once you’ve entered the night phase, the zombies will try to destroy the portal machine. In response, you’ll have to show resistance by protecting the machine from the dead creatures. Additionally, in the nighttime, there’ll come several or multiple waves of zombies.

The same scenario will happen for three days. If you survived the 3 days and night, the teleport machine will begin to work and you will get out of the infected area of the map.

At last, if you are successful in protecting the machine in all three intense days, machine, the teleport machine to be précised, will begin to work properly. Finally, you and your teammates will get out of the infected area. Hence, you’ve completed the mission. Hurray!!!



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