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How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley – Stardew Valley Clay

How to find clay for the farm in stardew valley

How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley


So here I have bought you today that how to get clay in stardew valley or stardew valley clay. Clay is an essential part of farming as we all know. In Stardew Valley Game you also have to find clay in order to grow crops and farm. Now your question is how we can find the clay in Stardew valley. So I will tell you some places in stardew game where you may find clay for your stardew valley farm.



How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley


Steps that you need to find for clay in Stardew Valley

To find stardew valley clay you should follow the below Steps:

  1. You will find the clay by digging up the clay with the hoe on the beach. Railwood is the good spot for the clay as I have found many times from over there.

  2. The clay can be found in the mines also. Like when you are mining for the precious metals you can definitely find the clay with it, store it and then use it in your farm.

  3. You can find the clay in your farm where not doing anything means not planting anything, digging up the place and having the clay.

  4. You can receive the clay as a gift also in the feast of winter stars during the 25th of the winter from 9am to 5am in the main town.

  5. Find the worms and hit them. You will get clay in return. It is the easiest way which I did.



Stardew Valley Game

What is Stardew Valley Game?

Stardew Valley is a simulation role playing game in which you have to be appointed as the stack holder or the land owner of the land or plot. Which you have to build and make it produce crops. At the start of the game you have to choose the character of your gameplay. Players have to choose the map or farm of different types given in the game to select.

The farm is full of bushes and other plants which are unusable. You have to make it clear first to use it afterwards. In Stardew Valley you have to interact with NPC ( Non Player Character) of the town which are living over there. You have to build relationships with them i.e you can marry them and have relationships with them. Which helps you to work with you in your farms. In Stardew Valley the players can also engage in Fishing, Cooking and Crafting. In this game you are able to mine also from the caves which are available in the game. These mines had a lot of ores and other minerals which you need to grow your business and farm strength.


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