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How to force defrost Samsung refrigerator?

A step-by-step guide to defrosting your Samsung refrigerator

How to force defrost Samsung refrigerator?

Need to know how to force defrost samsung refrigerator? For defrosting the Samsung refrigerator, there’re plenty of processes or step-by-step guides. In this article, we’ll be sharing the complete guide from cleaning the ice from your fridge to the technical process of “Force Defrost” in the refrigerators. Moreover, this guide will give you alternatives other than primarily the “Force Defrost” process, which could be done through simple and easy methods.

Besides the solution, the article will give the factors behind the formation of frost in the fridge. Furthermore, you’ll also come to know the required tools, things, or essentials for the cleaning of refrigerators.

So, stay within this article for knowing the solution to your issue regarding defrosting.

A step-by-step guide to defrosting your Samsung refrigerator

There are two steps or you can say points to force defrost your refrigerators of Samsung. In the following below points, we’re discussing two processes for defrosting your fridge.

Step 1: Press the “Power Freeze” and “Fridge” Buttons at once

On the versions of Samsung tabletop control refrigerators, you need to press the buttons of power freezes and fridge at once, for almost 8 seconds. After pressing these buttons simultaneously, the whole screen will become blank. Hence, press any button of your choice until the “Force Defrost” (FD) button appears. After completing this step, you will hear a beep sound, which is the signal of starting defrosting.

While in the case of dispenser models of Samsung fridges, the process is little change. Here, you will have to press the buttons of Freezer (top left) and Lighting (middle right) simultaneously, that too for 8 seconds. As a result, a blank display will appear likewise in the above-mentioned process for tabletop models. Moreover, press any button of your choice so that defrost starts happening.

Press the "Power Freeze" and "Fridge" Buttons at once

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Step 2: Disconnect from Power or turn it off to Reset:

After that, if the above process is done, you will have to turn off this electronic appliance. The disconnection of the device will cause resetting it. This is the necessary part of this guide because, in this step, all the remaining warm air and ice will be left out. Most people ignore this step and in the end, their refrigerator is not fully defrosting. Therefore, you will have to keep this point in your mind.

These were the primary steps and guide for the force defrost of your Samsung fridge. However, there’re also further steps for the removal of frost. We’ve listed below the other possible steps for the removal of frost. So, without any delay, let’s start the other possible processes.

  1. Remove all items:

Before force defrost, it is important to get rid of the unnecessary and all the items in the object as well. Therefore, the electronic device needs to be empty for full functionality. Besides this, it is also important for the electronic device to be empty because the cleaning or defrost process will not be done with all the items in it.

  1. Remove the shelves:

As well know, there are shelves and other handlers too in the refrigerators, therefore, before the force defrost, it is needed to remove all the shelves and things from it. The removal of all the selves and parts of the device not only helps in cleaning but also boosts the defrosting process.

  1. Open the doors:

For instance, if you have done the force defrost process, the next step could be opening of doors for almost half an hour. The opening of the door will result in the air passing through the entire device. The experiments have shown that after opening the doors, there are chances that the refrigerators will dry quickly.

  1. Clean:

During the defrosting process, make sure that all the parts of Samsung refrigerators are cleaned. For example, if you have removed all the shelves and drawers, `you need to clean it with soap and other washing liquids for proper hygiene. Once all the cleaning has been completed, all you need is the towel to dry the parts within the electronic device.

  1. Rearrange/ Place the parts of Samsung refrigerator:

Last but not the least step is rearranging the parts of your refrigerators. Ensure that the entire fridge is fully dried before putting all the things in it. Some users also made a mistake by switching on the refrigerators prior to drying them. Notably, it is needed to place all the parts after the complete drying of the device. If someone turns on the refrigerator before placing the parts, then the frost will become again, which is because of the warm air entering it.

Tools and Essentials Required to Defrosting Your Samsung Refrigerator:

  1. A large cooler
  2. Bucket
  3. Medium-sized bowls
  4. Old or used dry towels
  5. Plastic spatula
  6. Some washing liquid for cleaning
  7. A blow dryer or a hair-dryer
  8. A disposable fan for getting rid of a warm environment

The factors/ reasons behind the formation of frost:

Honestly, there’re several elements behind the frosting. But, we’ve listed some of the major reasons behind this problem. Therefore, we’re listing below the only main factors

  1. Warm air:

As mentioned above, the warm air in the fridge is one of the major key factors behind frosting. When the evaporated coil situated in it that produces cool air comes in contact with the outside warm or humid air, then the frost formation starts, ice to be precise.

  1. The Refrigerant level:

The refrigerant level is responsible for whether or not the frost will form. To recall, the low level of refrigerant in refrigerators results in the improper compression of refrigerant in the compressor of your cooling device. As a result, warm air or gas is released instead of cool. That results in the formation of frost.

  1. Damaged parts of defrost thermostat and compressor:

If a part of the cooling electronic device is damaged or not working, then there is an obvious chance of the formation of ice. The major parts within the refrigerators that cause frost include defrost thermostat and compressor.


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