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How to Display Date and Time on iphone Home Screen

How to display date and time on iPhone’s home screen

If you don’t know How to Display the Date and Time on the iPhone Home Screen, you must read this post, including a widget to your iPhone’s home screen is one approach to showing the date. Swipe right on your main screen to access the Today view to perform this action.

Click “Edit” at the bottom of the widgets list after scrolling down. In the list of widgets that are accessible, locate the “Date” widget and touch the green “+” next to it. The widget can then be moved around freely on your main screen by dragging it there.

Use a calendar app such as Calendar Pro as yet another option for showing the date on your iPhone’s home screen. You can use this software to change the look of your calendar, including whether the date appears on your home screen. Visit this guide to find out more about the use of Calendar Pro.

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How to display battery life on an iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone to display the battery %.
  2. Click the Date & Time setting
  3. To view the date on the home screen, turn on the toggle next to “Show Date.”

How Can I Make My Home Screen Display the Date?

There must be a few various ways o you can set the date to appear on your main screen. Add widgets on your homepage as one option. To accomplish this, long-press on an unpopulated field on your main screen, click “Widgets” from the menu that appears, and then pick the “Date” widget as from options that appear.

Enabling the “Show Date” option there in launch settings is yet another method for displaying the date on the main screen. To achieve this, check for a “Show Date” option in the startup settings, which is typically accessed by hitting the tool icon located in the top-right side of your start menu. Turn on this setting and also the date will begin to show up within the top-left portion of your main screen.

Calendar applications that are built into a kind of interface also can display the current date on your home screen.

For example, putting the Calendar panel on the main screen is possible if you are running Nova Launcher and navigating to Nova Setups > Widgets > Calendar.

Adding the date on an iPhone

Assuming you want to provide your iPhone’s home display a date widget:

-Click the “World Clock” tab in the “Clock” app. -Press and hold the “+” in the top right corner.

– Choose the city you wish to add by typing its name into the box below and choosing it from the list that emerges (GMT should be selected by default)—To show AM/PM next to your clock, make sure the setting next to “24-Hour Time” is off. Tap it to turn it off if it’s on.

How Can I Show the Date on My iPhone’s screen?

There are a few options if you want to know how to show the date on the screen of your iPhone. Visiting is one strategy to

Select “Settings,” select “Wallpaper,” and afterward “Clock.” You can pick to have the clock display appear on your lock screen, home screen, or both from this menu.

Using “Date & Time” app on an iPhone is another option for showing the date upon that screen. With this software, you can change how the date is shown on your screen. Additionally, you may configure it such that the date only appears after double-tapping the Home icon.

Many wallpaper selections include a small calendar inside the image’s lower right corner if you’re searching for a more subdued approach to show the date. This way, you can have a lovely background while still having a quick way to tell what day it is.

How Can I Add the Date and Time to iPhone’s Main Screen?

It’s simple to add the dates and times to your iPhone’s main screen. In this manner.

  1. On the main screen, click the Settings button.
  2. Click upon that Date & Time menu item.
  3. Activate the option to Set it Automatically. This will guarantee that the date and time displayed on the iPhone are always accurate.
  4. To get back to your home screen, tap the Home button. The day and time should now be clearly visible at the top of your display.


You consider checking your iPhone numerous times a day to view the time and date, but if you don’t know how to display the date and time on your iPhone home screen you’re like the majority of people. However, did you realize that you could add a button to the main screen that, with just a press, would show the date? This is how:

Click on General after opening the Settings app. Hit “Date & Time.” Set the slider next to Display Date to on.

When pressed, this will add a menu to the main screen that displays the timestamp. Simply tap that dating button on your main screen to find out the date from now on.

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