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How to clean an iMac screen

How to clean an iMac screen

The screen of your iMac might be the best screen available today in the world compared to other screens of the laptops, but to make the screen looks good every time you use is a hard job to do for maintaining the screen. The iMac screen contains dust particles, sometimes oily fingerprints or other filthy grime when it is not clean.

Before you grab a piece of cloth and start wiping away the dirt or other particles, you should know the whole procedure because it may damage your screen. Instead, you should learn how to clean your iMac screen in the right process with the advice below.


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How to clean an iMac screen

What to use:

You don’t want to purchase a costly cleaning kit for your iMac’s screen. In fact, you can get all your products for low rates, which is quite good considering the price you paid for an iMac.

Here’s everything you should use to clean your iMac screen.

  1. A soft microfiber cloth
  2. Distilled water

iii. Water in a glass

  1. Isopropyl alcohol and
  2. Clorox disinfecting wipes

Clorox is the only brand that Apple recommends using. Before using wipes make sure that the wipes use does not include bleach in it. Apple recently started recommending these things or products, just after the COVID-19 (pandemic).

What to avoid:

  1. Avoid using paper towels.
  2. Kitchen towel

iii. The same goes for sponges, rough fabric, toilet paper, tissues, and regular towels as household towels or clothes.

  1. Don’t use ordinary cleaning fluids or liquids.
  2. Cleaning spray

Your iMac screen is different to most LCD screens of laptops. Even if your cleaning fluid is designed for screens, it might not work for your iMac screen.

Be careful to avoid the following substances in your spray:

  • Solvent
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Abrasives
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Aerosol

Don’t excessively wipe the screen off.

Cleaning too much can strip the coating of your iMac screen.

How to clean an iMac screen:

Now you know what to avoid and what to use so let us know you how to safely clean your iMac screen. Don’t worry, it’s an easy task and only takes a few minutes or less if you follow the below steps.

Step 1:
  • Power off and unplug your iMac charger.
  • Remove any charging cables or other accessories from your Mac.
  • This makes it easier to see scratches or marks on the screen because it’s turned off
Step 2:
  • Wipe your iMac screen with the use of a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Move the microfiber cloth in small circles across your entire screen.

By doing the above steps or process you should remove almost all the dust, fingerprints, and other dirt particles from your iMac screen.

If there are still scratches left on your screen, follow the next step.

Step 3:
  • Wipe the screen again.
  • Spray water over microfiber cloth.
  • Spray water over the cloth to remove marks or stains on an iMac screen.
  • You only need to do this if your iMac screen was still not clean after the last above step.

Do not apply water directly to your iMac screen.

Step 4:

  •  Disinfect the screen with isopropyl alcohol or Clorox wipes as suggested above.
  •  After cleaning your iMac screen you should spray isopropyl alcohol over a clean microfiber cloth and wipe it over the screen to disinfect it.
  •  you want to use a dry microfiber cloth again to remove stains.

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