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How Much Health In Apex Legends

Health in Apex Legends

How Much Health In Apex Legends

One issue that players are also worried about the Apex Legend is its health. They are thinking How Much Health In Apex Legends. This is a kind of mysterious element of the game. On the other hand, other Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG; make it clear how much your health is. The Health in Apex Legend can’t be seen clearly about how much health in apex legends. The health in Apex Legend is an important element to understand. It allows you to calculate and know things well. The health shows how many syringes you will need to heal. Moreover, it tells you if certain characters have more health than other players. In this article, you will come to know that how much health in apex legend is available.



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Health in Apex Legends:

Let’s begin by comparing whether or not different characters in the game have more or less. Every single character you play in the game has a specific amount of health as compared to the other. In Apex Legends, the health for every character is 100 percent in total for every player, similar to Fortnite and PUBG. Although, unluckily the game doesn’t clearly let you know how much health you have while playing. Healing items in the game will heal the various amounts of health ranging from only 20 percent health to the full 100 percent health of your character. The same process goes for shields. You can have up to four bars of shields for protection. The Shield cells will also heal 25 percent of the shield. The Phoenix Kit will restore both your shields and health completely. The Phoenix kit takes 10 seconds to restore the shield as well as the health. The Syringe can restore up to 25 percent of your health in the Apex Legend.

Apex Legends Health Restore or Healing:

The table below shows how much health and shield you can restore while using different recovery items available in Apex Legends.

Item(s)               Healing 

Syringe(s) Only 25% Health

MedKit(s) 100% Health

Shield Cell Only 25% Shield

Shield Battery 100% Shield

Phoenix Kit(s) 100% Health and 100% Shields

Apex Legends Health and Shield Recovery Tips and Tricks:

  • •Unlike PUBG, you can heal yourself in Apex Legends while moving, jumping, sliding, or while crouching.
  • •When health decreases during the fight, quickly take your cover and restore your shields or health. This is the most important tip from other tips and tricks.
  • •When you find a Medkit you can drop the Syringe if your bag is full. Likewise, when you find a Phoenix Kit, drop the Medkit and Syringe when low on storage of the bag.
  • •Use the Lifeline legend for picking up a Medkit. This legend carries a drone. The drone can then restore your health to 100% anytime and anywhere you want.
  • •When you realize your health is reduced by 25%, then immediately use your healing item(s) for your protection.

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