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How Long Can You Record on iPhone

How Long Can You Record on iPhone?

To answer the question of how long can you record video on any of the iPhone model can depend upon various factors. These factors include:

  • Available storage
  • Resolution of the video
  • Battery

Available storage:

This is the main factor of how much can you record on your iPhone and is directly proportional to the recording on your iPhone. The latest variants of iPhones have up to 512GB of storage by default. These models or variants can record unlimited videos without interruption of the low storage notification on your iPhone. The limited available storage on your iPhone for recording a video is at least 100MB.

It is difficult to know about the available space on any user of iPhone without seeing their iPhone devices. And that is the reason there is not an accurate answer to your question. Make sure to keep one thing in mind that you can’t extend the iPhone memory by yourself.

How to find iPhone’s Available Storage Capacity

To sort out how much free storage you have on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Tap General > About > Available space

Look for the Available space. This shows how much space you have to store the video you record on your iPhone.


Resolution Of the Video:

To know how long video can you record on your iPhone, you need to know that how much space a video is going to take. The iPhone’s camera can record a video at different resolutions ( Lower or higher resolutions). Lower resolution videos lead to smaller files whereas higher resolution videos lead to bigger files depending totally on you whether you are recording in lower resolution or in higher resolutions.How long you can record with iPhone

All modern iPhones can record video at 720p and 1080p HD @120 fps (Frames Per Second). While the iPhone 6 series and above records @1080p HD at 60fps and the iPhone 6S series and newer shoots at 4K UHD (ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION) at 120 fps, slow-motion videos at 120 fps and 240 fps.

How Your iPhone’s Video Take Less Space With HEVC:

HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding)

Mostly devices running on iOS 11 use HEVC, but you can choose the format you prefer if you are using iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or the iPhones with IOS less than 11 by following these simple steps:

Tap Settings > Tap Camera > Formats > High Efficiency > or Most Compatible (h.264)

The resolution on which you record video isn’t the only thing that determines that how much storage the video has recorded needs. The video encoding makes a big difference, too. In iOS 11, the company added support for Video Coding (HEVC, or h.265), with the help of this video coding you can make the same video up to 50% smaller than the standard h.264 formats.


Usually iPhones batteries are being criticized for their performance. One had to keep the power bank with him/her for using the iPhone device. The same case is with the voice memo and video recording. The battery health should be at least 85 percent for the best performance while recording a long video. This factor influenced me the most while recording a long video on iPhone. Whereas the new models of iPhones. Such as iPhone X MAX, iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 have been great in battery performances and their storage.


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