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How to turn off priority mode

How do I turn priority mode off?

It is a fantastic method to sharpen your focus when playing a video game, although occasionally it could be a little excessive. This is how to disable priority status if you catch yourself becoming sidetracked. Access the notification window by swiping down, and after that click your Game Booster notice. By doing so, the Game Booster setups will appear. To switch that off, click the top button.

You likely use your smartphone for gaming, music, and perhaps other types of entertainment much more frequently as you’d seem to want to acknowledge whether you’re like the majority of people. Using “priority mode” on the phone is such an approach to help preserve the power. If you want to save your phone’s battery for afterward in a day when this may be useful. This is how to activate and deactivate this mode.

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Open the settings of your smartphone first. Next, select “Sound” from the menu. Then go to and select “Priority Mode.”

Tap on the “On” selection if you wish to make it active. By selecting “Period,” users can also specify how long they wish to last. Click the “Done” button after you have chosen your preferred duration.

Just tap the “Off” button if you wish to turn that off.

It’s that simple! You may easily use priority mode to extend the battery capacity of your smartphone by completing these easy instructions.

What is the Priority mode on Samsung?

Whenever you switch on your Samsung smartphone’s priority mode, simply virtually silence your smartphone. Nonetheless, whenever a crucial contact attempts to reach users, you will continue to receive audio or vibrating reminders. This could be helpful if you want to concentrate without interruptions while gaming, or even when you simply ought to.

It was initially added within the UI upgrade for 3.0. Simply lower the notifications screen and press the “Priority” symbol to make it active. The duration of priority mode and also the alerts you actually want to get will then be chosen. The ability to modify priority modes that meet your requirements is just one of its many wonderful features. Sometimes better, users can program it to turn on periodically at specific periods throughout the day.

Priority mode is really a terrific alternative whether you’re seeking a way to concentrate or if you simply want to decrease the number of messages you get. Android phone users have had the choice to largely silence their phones since the introduction of the 3.0 UI upgrade, yet they continue to get audio or vibrations notification when a crucial contact attempts to get in touch with them.

It is well-known that this function can be very helpful for people who wish to concentrate on gameplay or other activities without even being distracted by phone calls or texts. Easily open your Notifications Cover, then click on the button to enable. The next option is to choose whether to totally muffle your smartphone or to permit only specific contacts to receive notifications. Keep reading.


How can I disable priority mode?

You Can Turn On Game Booster’s Priority Mode just by reading this article. Visit your Game Booster main page to activate this Mode. Next, hit the “Priority Mode” status symbol tab to either activate or deactivate the function.

Where is the priority mode for Samsung?

Open your Game Booster application, go to the home screen, and then hit the “Priority mode” energy symbol button to enable the “Priority mode” function of the program. This Game Booster incorporates all “do not disturb” features created by Android TM in just a few significant ways. Since it is needed by Android’s basic policy, the alert is shown.

What does the game launcher’s Priority mode do?

Phone traffic and alerts are banned, and any other apps are shut down, mostly in Priority mode so that your phone can function as quickly as practically feasible.

How can you disable your Instagram priority?

Nevertheless, following one of the most current update installations, this label functionality will start working without any further user intervention. As a consequence, none of the various options may be used to deactivate the “Priority” tag function, which can be located in the Instagram application’s Settings. There under the name of Instagram App users, who the app deems to be of greatest priority, it will remain visible.


You likely use your smartphone for gaming, music, and perhaps other types of entertainment much more frequently as you’d seem to want to acknowledge whether you’re like the majority of people. Simply go to your smartphone’s “settings” and click on “sounds” then go on “priority mode” and then tap on “Off” or according to your wish if you want to turn on this mode or off.

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