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How Can You Work on Your Computer More Efficiently and Quickly?

Productivity while working on your computer can be improved in various ways. For example, you may become much more efficient as soon as you change your chair or create a dedicated workspace or after learning a few computer hacks.

Some different ways to make working on a computer quicker and more efficient are mentioned below. Take notes.

Master Tech Hacks and Tricks

  • Dictate, don’t write

Whether you are crafting an article or blog for marketing purposes or your work demands you to draft long emails, give your fingers some rest. You can use your voice to talk to your computer and have it type what you say. Since dictation is twice as fast as typing, you can save precious time. Also, you can multitask and get in those missed steps because you can dictate hands-free.

Dictation on MacBook is a free feature offered by Apple, and you don’t need to look for anything to enable speech-to-text. On Mac, voice typing is an in-built feature and works across messengers, native editors, and any app where you need to type.

Enable voice dictation by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation and toggle it on > Enable Dictation.

  • Memorize keyboard shortcuts

Using shortcuts helps you save time as your hands remain on the keyboard instead of navigating the menu to choose the preferred action.

Learning keyboard shortcuts is a surefire way to boost your productivity when working on a computer.

For instance, if you often need to copy and paste text on your Mac, you can simply press Command + C and Command + V on your keyboard. There’s no need to right-click on the item you want to copy and then paste it somewhere.

Similarly, Command + Space Bar brings up Spotlight search, and you can use this tool to look for any file or document you need or perform quick math calculations and currency conversions.

  • Quit background processes

If too many things are running in the background, your computer is bound to run slowly. In addition, it will stop you from smoothly working on resource-intensive programs or apps since there are not enough available system resources.

Therefore, you must quit unnecessary background processes and free up system resources. Mac users can do this by launching Activity Monitor, going to the CPU and Memory tab, and quitting all those programs that are hogging too much resources.

  • Turn on Do Not Disturb or Focus

Keeping distractions at bay is another easy-peasy way to improve productivity while working on a computer.

If you continually receive alerts and notifications from various apps, you cannot focus on the tasks at hand. Hence, enable the Do Not Disturb or Focus feature on your computer and filter the notifications.

Additionally, you can use project management and time-tracking software to make your work on your computer much more efficient.

Use a Second Display or a Bigger Screen

Using multiple screens or a bigger screen helps improve productivity because you can have more things in view simultaneously. For instance, a maximized display of the content you are working on will make your work much simpler than looking for details on a smaller screen.

As a result, you can view more graphics or read more text.

Another benefit of having multiple displays is that you can view several windows at the same time and work on them simultaneously. It will even be easier to drag and drop items from one screen to the other, especially when you are designing a website or coding.

Mac users can use their iPad as a second display by turning on the Sidecar feature or connecting multiple screens.

Swap your Regular Chair for an Ergonomic Chair

Your work environment is just as important as the computer you are using. For example, if you are uncomfortable working for long hours because of a chair, no amount of learning keyboard shortcuts or dictating to your computer will improve your productivity.

Therefore, focus on being as comfortable as possible when working on your computer. Switch your regular chair with an ergonomic chair that will not cause body aches if you sit for extended periods. These chairs are specifically designed to deliver support and comfort.

Besides These, The Other Hacks You Can Try to Improve Your Efficiency are:

  • Always keep your computer software and apps updated. Updates come with performance enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches.
  • Use a cooling pad for your device so it doesn’t get overheated. Overheating results in slow performance and may even damage the motherboard.
  • Install antivirus software to prevent virus and malware attacks. Such attacks can compromise your computer, and you might not be able to work until your device is free of viruses or malware.
  • Declutter the desktop so you can find files quickly.

Follow these recommendations and tricks to achieve your productivity goals.

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