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HalloApp from EX- WhatsApp employees lands on mobile platforms

HalloApp a new competitor to WhatsApp?????

HalloApp from EX- WhatsApp employees lands on mobile platforms

HalloApp is a private messaging app developed by former WhatsApp employees namely Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue. Unlike other messengers, it seems to be a paid service. The platform comes in the category of other major messaging services, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal. The main benefit of this social platform is its end-to-end encrypted chat privacy as well as the ads. The ads distractions will not come in your way while using the app. Currently, the app is available on both the Stores of major operating systems i.e. Apple Store and Google Play Store.

This mobile messaging service is simple to use. Both the users just need to have a Hallo app installed on their


smart devices. After you installed the app from the Store, you just need to sign up with your local phone number. In addition to this, there’s no rocket science for using this application. Therefore, there’re no additional settings for conveying your messages. The app contains voice notes, text SMS, video calls, voice calls, live location sharing tool. Long story short, this platform is a complete app like its competitors (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, and Wire).

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Both the developers Arora and Donohue didn’t attend any sort of interview in order to avoid the attention of the media at the early stage of the app. However, they gave an interview on Christopher Lochhead’s “Follow Your Different” podcast, in which one of the developers said that it is an amazing product that people will love to share with their friends and family.

Similar to other messengers, the app from Neeraj Arora will need access to your contact lists on the phonebook.

At the bottom corner of the app, there’s a banner in which a complete list of contents, including private conversations, groups, and settings are located. However, the private chat box or you can say private messages conversations have been separated from Public Groups in the app. As a result, a well-organized setup for the users is created.

To sum up, from what we have observed, the app is somehow limited or you can say restricted from its competitors. Moreover, the social app also not asked for several accesses from you. There’s a great chance that it could possibly beat many of its similar apps. In the terms of business, the app won’t let any advertisers access the users’ data. On the contrary, to access the full content of the app, you will have to pay a subscription fee to the developers for proper functioning. To recall, this is the same strategy that WhatsApp did in its early days of development.

So, what do you think about the HalloApp, let us know in the comment section below. We’ll also try to review this app in our upcoming articles So that you can know the app in-depth.

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