Google shares five tips to spot fake news online

Google shares five tips to spot fake news online

Last week, Google shares five tips to spot fake news online. As we all know the internet news can be authentic as well as fake. The credibility of news depends upon the website or the information provided by the creators. Moreover, Google shared tips before International Fact-Checking day that was held on yesterday April 2. There are pros and cons of believing news on Google. If you’re smart enough to judge the news due to its fakeness or authenticity then you have done your work. To overcome this situation or problem, Google had shared some tricks or tips. In this article, we’ll share with you the 5 tips provided by Google. By using Google, you can verify the following things:

  • An article or an image can be verified using Google’s tools.
  • From now, Google allows its users to check fake news online.

Alexios Mantzarlis, News and Information Credibility Lead of Google News announced that in the past year of 2020 over 50,000 new fact checks featured on Google Search. Additionally, all fact checks receive more than 2.4 billion impressions in the search.

From now, Google determines fact checks. It has been noticing that publishers have to meet certain requirements to become a trusted source of information. The trusted source of the information provided is determined by an algorithm of Google. Google fast checker explains citations and primary sources of information before making it credible.

Checking for fake news online:

  • Find out the source of news: Google users can find more about the source of the website or an article by using the tool. Unfortunately, this tool is only available in the US.
  • check whether an image is authentic or not:  by searching on Google for Image, Google will check if the image has appeared online before.
  • Look for more sources of the news: from now can check for the full coverage of news if we search for a topic in Google News.
  • Use Google’s fact-checker: Google users can type a keyword and look for claims made by news publication and fact checks of Google. According to Google, it collects more than 100,000 fact checks from authentic publishers around the globe.
  • Check if an event is taking place: Google users can confirm if an event is taking place at the said location by checking it on Google Maps.



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