Google Photos’ storage ends on June 1st

Google Photos’ storage ends on June 1st

As Google previously announced in the November of last year that Google Photos’ storage ends on June 1st. So the deadline is near, you have only a few more weeks to enjoy the unlimited space for your media files (images and videos).  This means if you upload any sort of media (high-quality media) on your Google Photos, it will count towards your free limited storage of 15GB by default. As a reminder, before this, you all had been uploading high-quality images and videos (slightly reduced than the original copy) without disturbing the limited storage of 15GB on your Google Photos.

However, if you want to continue to back up your images and videos with high quality, you’ll need to purchase a subscription plan of Google One. If you want to buy a cloud storage plan, it will cost $2/month for 100GB storage. There are also other subscription plans for more storage. On the other hand, 200GB and 2TB of storage will cost you $3 and $10 a month, respectively.  Not only this but from June 1st the overall storage will be shared with your following apps:

  • Gmail
  • Workspace documents
  • Slides
  • Spreadsheets

Therefore, you will have to be very smart before uploading any sort of media files. Make sure that you will be uploading the most important media files on Google Photos if you don’t want to pay for extra subscription charges of Google Cloud.

On the contrary, if you are a user of Pixel devices, it won’t affect your Google Photos. No matter what your Pixel device is older or newer. Google announced that the users of Pixels devices will enjoy free unlimited storage without any subscription charges. The users won’t need to worry about hitting the limit of 15GB

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