Google Meet gets new features

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Google Meet gets new features

As we all know the rival of Zoom meeting, Google Meet has been free to download for almost a year.  However, Google Meet gets new features .  The main aim of launching Google Meet was to hit the audience for meetings of their offices, educational institutes, and other occasions. Unfortunately, the free version offered by Google is expected to end in June of this year.  However, Google has not decided yet whether to make it paid or not.  The users of the live video streaming app will still be able to check out the new features and app design.

Certainly, Google Meet was not the most attractive and best online meeting platforms than others. To overcome this situation, Google has decided to roll out new features including ending its free trial. Moreover, the new features of Google Meet will be available in its paid version. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the cool new features.

New updates of Google Meet:

  • The new update features a new user interface that will enhance the controls within the app.
  • The other surprising update will be background replacement. The users can replace their ID’s background with their own choice.
  • Other key features include pinning many video feeds and the feature of auto-zoom. By using auto-zoom, one can place himself/herself in the centre of the meeting’s frame.
  • You can also pin multiple speakers in case of two presenters are presenting at the meeting.

However, it seems like these multiple updates and changes are not happening at once. It will take some time and the new updates will take place step by step. Most probably these updates will happen in the next few months. Google announced that the main goal is to make Google Meet more immersive, inclusive and productive than other online meeting platforms.


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