Google Maps finally gets dark mode on Android

Google Maps finally gets dark mode on Android


Last month Google announced that it will soon start rolling out dark mode theme on its Android. Fortunately, almost a month after the announcement, the company has finally brought out the dark mode theme on its Android around the globe. The company notifies its users through Twitter. They announced through it that the much-awaited dark mode is now available on Google Maps.

As far as the dark mode is concerned, users need to download the latest version of their Android. The version should be 10.61.2 to use the dark mode. Once the Android is updated, users will be asked whether or not they want a dark theme. The users can change the theme settings when they open Google Maps for the first time.

Maps in dark theme help you to relax your eyes. Google Maps gives users three options to select from. These options are as below:

  • Always in light theme.
  • Always in the dark theme. and
  • Same as device theme (By default).

Once a user selects the by default setting and clicks on the Save option, Google Maps will change its colours. After enabling the dark mode on Google Maps, the text in the app and the menu turns grey while the navigation bar and the map turn into a night-blue colour. Similarly, other things turn into a darker shade. The Maps icon and the profile icon bar near Google, although, remains the same. In case you’re thinking why a dark mode is such big news for all of us, so here’s the reason. Google Maps dark mode update helps the driving experience during the night. By using Google Maps in your car is a lot easier and even safer, as it helps to reduce the level of focuses when looking at the screen of the car.

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