Google Is Enabling Two-Factor Authentication Soon

Google is enabling two-factor authentication soon

On Friday, Google announced in its blog post about the two-factor authentication on its users’ account and it is enabling two-factor authentication soon. Keeping in mind the online security threats to their users, Google has been rolling out the two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-step verification soon. Additionally, Google is enabling two-step authentication soon but also by default. This means the users won’t need to enable any additional settings for the two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-step verification(s). However, for enabling two-step authentication the Google account of the users must be properly configured. Also, the users who set up their two-step verification will be asked whether they are the right person before logging into the account.

Once the two-factor authentication (2FA) has been enabled, a prompt will appear on the screen of users for verification. The step will be done to make sure that the attempted log in on the Google account is legitimate. According to Google, signing up on mobile devices is much safer and authentic as compared to the password alone.

Moreover, if the two-step verification is not working for you, you can also use the physical security key to safeguard your accounts such as YubiKey, or Google’s own Titan. Previously in 2009, Google added the option of security key on Android smartphones which was later extended to iPhones. Notably, Google already has a secure password manager know as Smart lock on Chrome that can autofill your login details on various sites or applications.

Keeping the users’ safe online is their top priority so that they are investing more in new tools or features for keeping users’ personal information safe, search engine giant said in a blog post.

As we all know, this two-steps verification only works on Google accounts, you should enable this feature on every account(s) that supports it.



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