Google Fi VPN has started rolling out to iPhones ahead of Apple privacy protection feature

Google Fi has started rolling out to iPhones ahead of Apple privacy protection feature

On June 25, Google announced that it has released its built-in VPN commonly known as Google Fi’s for iPhone users or subscribers. As per the reports, Google has released this Google Fi VPN ahead of launching Apple’s-own privacy feature. Unfortunately, this launch was previously planned in the spring release event, but was late. To recall, Google Fi’s has been released for Android since November 2018. But for iOS users, this privacy protection feature was still not available. Since the privacy tool for Apple devices has been released, the users’ privacy and security issues will be enhanced. Moreover, the users of iOS will be using the internet with encrypted connection with the help of Google Fi’s.

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As per the reports from sources, the feature will not available for all the devices of iOS rather it will gradually roll out to all the devices after some time. This means the delayed, long-awaited, and privacy feature will still not be available on time. The iOS devices and users would have to wait for more for this Google Fi VPN. According to Apple, its own privacy protection feature probably known as Private Relay will protect your browsing activities with the help of relay servers.

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Like other VPN services, Google Fi won’t share your IP address and location to the websites or other parties especially to protect you from search-relevant advertisements. Interestingly, Google claimed that its Fi VPN has been designed in such a way that even Apple itself won’t be able to locate your browsing history. However, it is not secured to reveal your location, account, IP address with websites, especially when you are using an open internet connection. Notably, there’s a chance that these websites or you can say illegal, sideloading, and third party websites will collect your data if you are using internet browsers without VPN.

If you want to use this privacy feature from Google, make sure that you have an updated companion app of Google Fi. Also, the latest version of the companion app is 3.5 on Apple Store. Once you have installed or updated the application, you’ll find the option to turn on the VPN which is situated under the Privacy and Security section. Furthermore, the Fi VPN is available with all the plans for its subscribers.

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