Google Drive and Google Docs go down

Google Drive and Google Docs go down

If you were having some issues with your Google platforms then for your kind information you were not alone. Yes, Google Drive and Google Docs go down on a Monday morning. Not only these two platforms but Google Sheets and Google Slides were also facing the same error or glitch. The Google platforms faced problems in terms of partial service disruptions. According to the Google status dashboard, Google services faced worldwide widespread issues of platforms.

The following problems were faced by the affected users of Google Drive:

The affected users were able to access Google Drive but:

  • They were seeing error messages on the platform
  • High latency
  • Unexpected behaviour from Docs.
  • Affected users were unable to create new documents.

Reasons behind Google Docs was down:

The Google officials announced that they are investigating the reason behind this error. They will soon reveal the reason behind it when they will be satisfied with the investigation. As per the reports and according to the users, the Google Drive was not fully affected but it was in access and files were saved. The main problem was occurring in saving and creating a new document. Moreover, Google Docs faced partial problem or outage. Likewise, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets were also facing the same partial issue.

However, the issue was resolved after some time. As per users’ opinions, they faced the issue and after an hour or two, the glitch was resolved by itself. Furthermore, not in the desktop version but in the Android Google Docs and also in the Google Classrooms the same issue occurred.

Many users took this issue to other social media platforms including Twitter. The top trend of Google drive down was on Twitter. Likewise, Twitter, other social media platforms and apps were used by affected users for their opinions on Google down.

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