Google Chrome’s 91 update: “Enhanced Safe Browsing” feature has been added

Google Chrome’s 91 update: “Enhanced Safe Browsing” feature has been added

Since web browsing has been introduced on the internet, there has been always a concern of privacy and security issues to the users. Therefore, internet browsers and providers are adding more and more security patches and safe browsing features for consumers. The upcoming Google Chrome’s 91 update (which will probably update number 91) is containing the “Enhanced Safe Browsing” feature. The tech giant also aims to provide its users with the security for their data and privacy. As a reminder, Google introduced the “Enhanced Safe Browsing” in the previous year as a part of their enhanced protection policy system. But from now, the company is giving the update for the existing feature of safe browsing. After the update is launched, the users will have to enable the option of ‘Enhanced Safe Browsing’ for its proper functioning.

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Google Chrome’s 91 update and Safe Browsing:

With the help of a new update of Chrome, you will be warned when are going to adding an extension to your browser(s). Google will let you know which extension is better from the security perspective and which is harmful to your account ID. Moreover, it will also warn the users whether to download it or not. It means the browser will provide you with enhanced protection for your data. For instance, if you add the unsafe extension to your Google’s Chrome, you’ll alert through a dialogue box.


Google claims those extensions which have been built using the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies will be considered trusted by the feature of “Enhanced Safe Browsing”. Once the users enable the feature of safe browsing, Chrome will alert about the malicious download files after a complete scan or check-up.

How to enable ‘Safe Browsing’?

  • You can enable the ‘Safe Browsing’ feature by going to the Settings.
  • After this, scroll to the Privacy & Security option and click on ‘Security.’
  • Now, click on Enhanced protection. Notably, ‘Enhanced Protection’ is listed under the Safe browsing option.

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