Google Assistant Launched Family-Oriented Features

Google Assistant Launched Family-Oriented Features

On 07 May 2021, Google announced its family-oriented features ahead of Mother’s Day in a blog post. Google Broadcast works on speakers, displays, and phones for your whole family, according to the company. After the new update, Google Assistant can connect to the smart speaker(s) at your home and you can deliver your message(s) to everyone in the home.

The new features of Google Assistant include:

  • Stories
  • Games
  • Some Easter eggs.
  • Google Family Group
  • Family Bell with more languages

Moreover, the Google Broadcast can come on your Android and iOS devices. As a result, the Broadcast is not only available on Google Home devices in separate rooms but also on iOS devices also. Therefore, Google Assistant has now become a Google messaging service after the update.

Moreover, from now Google’s Broadcast can send and receive messages or notifications on Google Home and Nest smart speakers, any Android phone or iPhone running Google Assistant.

For instance, the user can say “Hey Google, Broadcast, tell my family how about lunch”, the entire family will receive a notification. The notification will come in the form of a Family Bell. The Family Bell is very much similar to setting alarms. Meanwhile, the users can also set a bell for the kids for instructions. Unfortunately, they can do it only in English. Over the coming weeks, the feature will be expanded to eight new languages including:

  1. Dutch
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Hindi
  5. Italian
  6. Japanese
  7. Korean
  8. Portuguese
  9. Spanish

After the new update of Google Assistant, the users with Google Home devices can play new games, including the game like “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”

On the other hand, there also come new songs for Google Assistant to sing, including the famous handwashing song or the brush your teeth song. As a reminder, last year, Google Google launched the song of handwashing in the honor of Dr. Semmelweis. The song highlighted the importance of handwashing. But now, unintentionally, the song has become more important due to Covid-19. Similarly, Google is also introducing three new songs to motivate your kids while helping with chores around your house. However, the users can command the Assistant in the following ways:

  • “Hey Google, Broadcast, sing the cleanup song,”
  • “Hey Google, Sing the go to sleep song,”
  • “Hey, Google Broadcast Sing the brush your teeth song,”

According to Google, these upcoming 3 new songs will help in motivating your child’s activities.

From now, Google Assistant can also help in telling stories for the kids at bedtime that can be accessed through any device having Google Home. With the help of this feature, the parents can now access their child’s device by playing different stories at the time of their sleep. This means that the parents can set up their account from their kid’s device for monitoring them.

Users will be able to access any story available on Google’s library. Moreover, due to the storytelling feature, Google is collaborating with Pottermore Publishing and Penguin Random House to bring “Harry Potter” and “Who Was?” respectively.  Also, this will help in bringing stories to Google Assistant.


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