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Geekbench banned OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro from its platform over the allegations of benchmark manipulation

Geekbench banned OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro from its platform over the allegations of benchmark manipulation

OnePlus 9 series i.e. 9 and 9 Pro have been banned from the platform of Geekbench after the allegations of manipulation on the Android chart. This step has been taken from the benchmark ranking platform after the in-depth investigations carried out by AnandTech. AnandTech discovered the flows in the OnePlus 9 duo while reviewing the handsets. After the complete analysts, Geekbench decided to remove the mobile series from its listings. According to the reports, the mentioned series from the smartphones manufacturer has been ignoring few specific apps to slow down the workload of the mobile phone, while giving a full performance to other apps, especially benchmarking apps. In simple words, OxygenOS looks for specific or particular apps for its full performance instead of all apps for boosting or enhancing performance in the device.

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AnandTech in its investigation and report claimed that the mobile series of One Plus has been using the mechanism of detecting apps that allows popular apps like Twitter, FireFox, WhatsApp, Google Chrome, Facebook, Zoom etc, including almost every app that is popular in the Google Play Store to work in the slower cores of processors on OnePlus devices.

As a reminder, the smart device makers use app detection mechanism to appear more powerful on the chart or rankings of benchmarking apps. Therefore, BBK electronics-owned smartphone manufacturer used the mechanism of app detecting for enhancing or improving the Android benchmark chart.

After the launch of this series, the company had received negative feedback from the users regarding the battery’s life and heat management functions. Since then, the smartphone making company has given the task to its Research and Development (R&D) team to overcome the problem and optimize the processor’s speed. As per the reports, the dedicated team has been testing the device with many popular apps, especially Google Chrome, by matching the most and full requirements of the processors


According to Geekbench, they will also look into other smart devices of OnePlus whether the same issue occurred in them or not. Additionally, the alleged company has allegations of making performance decisions based on application identifiers instead of application behavior.

The allegations of benchmark manipulation from AnandTech and Geekbench on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro just come after the same situation faced by Realme. Realme’s new model i.e. Realme GT also faced a similar problem of manipulating benchmark scores but from the Antutu. As a result, the Realme GT model was banned from the website and listings of Antutu for over three months.

However, not giving full access to performance to all the apps by the OnePlus might be the result of saving battery life. Although the company didn’t respond to the issue yet.  It will be interesting to see how this issue resolved or ended, but the company has not given any statement regarding this de-ranking from the most popular benchmarking website.

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