Games like Ori on Stadia


You’re now done playing Ori on Stadia. After completing one of the best gorgeous and enjoyable Platforming elements ever created, you’re seeking more titles that provide the same fantastic gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and compelling narrative. Below are the games which are similar to ori on stadia.

Games like Ori on Stadia

We will remove ourselves from this collection of violent games similar to Ori on Stadia. It’s among the most undervalued video games ever, and it’s incredible, touching, and amazing.

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The very first time we tried this Metroidvania, which is really suitable for a game involving flying, we were completely blown away. This game was created by D-Pad over the course of nine years, as well as every waking minute of that time is visible.

You may toss your closest buddy as many times as you like against a wall in this game, and the pixel art is breathtakingly remarkable, the animation is excellent, and the gameplay is creative and rewarding. However, the thing that keeps me coming back to this game is the tale. The writing is simultaneously clever, engaging, thought-provoking, and profoundly moving. A few games have had me laughing and crying as much as we have enjoyed playing owlboy. It’s even more astonishing that this usually happens simultaneously.

If you have not yet tried it, we strongly suggest you do. Play the game without looking it up or spoiling anything for you.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is included on each game list, similar to Ori on Stadia and Will of Wisps. But you know what, I anticipated it and you anticipated this. We sort of anticipated each other’s arrival! We shouldn’t frame it that way, probably. You all already understand how Hollow Knight is included on this list, so whatever. That represents the absolute height of gorgeous, enjoyable, and sentimental Metroidvanias.

It contains an enormous variety of bosses and foes, each more distinctive than the previous boss and adversaries, each more distinctive than the previous boss. It offers a really engaging narrative, employing both its memorable characters and rich locations. Its hand-drawn illustration style is a fantastic match for its grim but upbeat tone.

It was a game that has been obviously a labor of love for Crew Cherry, and you can see they put a great deal of love into it. Whenever you consider that the game has run out of methods to wow you, it surprises you by pulling something utterly unforeseen from its bag and hitting you square in the face.

Stream World Dig 2

I think that many players pass this game by it because they mistakenly think that it’s “Only about digging.” But in reality, it isn’t in any way the case. SteamWorld Dig 2 exploration. This is an adventure. There’s conflict. Platforming is it. But rest assured, that’s a good thing. There is a lot more behind this game than what is first obvious. Digging through some dirt reveals a hidden area with a challenging platforming task that requires you to evade arrows, hook around ceilings, or fly across the lava.

It’s the type of game that wants to surprise you, which is something that I personally really like. Additionally, this game includes a number of the most exquisite lighting effects we’ve encountered in a game. We have realized that this is a strange thing to appreciate.

Even only the lasers from the robot guys, the strong searing light of the lava, gentle fluorescent sports, or even the lasers from the robot guys. They all appear extremely well-kept and stand out in the usually dark underworld.


This game, like the previous one, is just a 2D platform with an unabashedly retro aesthetic that offers a steady stream of little gameplay surprises. Every hurdle and every jump are tests. Some must be overcome quickly, while others may be avoided with strategic thinking. All have been created so that climbing platforms shaped like staircases is never as easy as hopping up them one, two, or three times. You’ll try to swim, glide, run, float, and fend off spikes and flames, but you’ll fall short. A lot. You’ll experience the same level of irritation you had with Mega Man and any other notable side-scroller, but you’ll also be aware that the problem isn’t with the game itself. Your poor timing, slow response, or panicky state are to blame.

This serves as the game’s main focus and the greatest example of the level genre. Every level not only offers new joys, but every inch of the screen that glides in your direction will make you smile and frown in equal quantities. The Rayman brand has survived only because of Ubisoft’s corporate will, but with Legacy, this recurrent loser gains its rightful position alongside games like Super Mario Bros.


There seem to be titles that share a similar theme and succeed in their respective ways, even though nothing can match Ori on Stadia in terms of pure quality. Thank you for reading, and please share any other strategies you think would be beneficial to include in the article. Please comment below.


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