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Are you looking for superb driving and motorsport-type games featuring extra, fascinating features? Can other things like customization, stories, and other things interest you more than just racing? If so, you must’ve been searching for further games like my Summer Car.

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My Summer Car 

The major game categories of My Summer Cars include car mechanic, over-world map, survivor, exploration, modeling, endless mode, independent game, auto simulations, and race.

Users can engage in a variety of tasks there in the game, including drag racing over an airstrip, maintaining body heritage, playing slots, building, adjusting, and improving their vehicles, picking up drunk neighbors from the bar, cutting lumber, and providing many more.

You should play the game My Summer Car. However, there are significantly more excellent games available than My Summer Car. Are you interested in seeing those? If it does, we advise you to read the piece below, which lists our choices for the best video games that are similar to My Summer Car.

The Long Drive

A game about a road trip called The Long Drive. Players can participate in an endless amount of randomly generated dune racing. Drive, emotions, adventure, and independence are the driving forces behind racing. It is among the top game similar to My Summer Car.

Players have given it very positive reviews on the Steam store. With more than 40,000 reviews, it received an overall score of 9. The Steam shop is where users may purchase it for $14.99.

Brick Rigs                                                  

Well-known simulation gameplay is Brick Rigs. Out of a wide array of bricks, it enables gamers to construct many sorts of automobiles. Additionally, they get to play about in a laboratory area while experiencing realistic driving plus damage dynamics.

It is among the finest My Summer Car substitutes since it accurately captures the experience of driving on a remote beach. There are no specific tracks, no roadways, and no spectators to support you—just you and your rival. The only two main disciplines throughout this game include making way and simulation.

It has gotten very positive reviews from Steam users. Over 24,000 reviews gave it a good 9 overall score. It is available for purchase from the Steam store for $14.99.

City Car Driving

City Car Driving is a driving simulation video game. It allowed players to raise their driving skills by experiencing driving tests and road rules training, along with driving education through virtual Car racing.

It is one of the best games like My Summer Car. Furthermore, it has received excellent feedback from customers on steam and at, But got satisfactory feedback on the Google Play Store.

It received an exquisite 9 overall rating with over 15,000 reviews on the steam store. On, it received the same overall rating with over 16,000 words. As for the Google Play Store, it received a 3.8 overall rating and over 141,000 votes.

BeamNG GmbH, a digital game studio based in Bremen, has released the automotive simulation game Gamers have to feel the deformable mechanics throughout the game, which inspire authentic driving and car destruction.

It is among the top games similar to My Summer Car. The actual game styles are racing online games, a free environment, instant access, and practical sessions. It is an extraordinarily realistic video game with virtually endless potential.

Players have access to dozens of choices throughout the gameplay. The car that the player chooses to modify depends on their riding tastes and the potential choices. They provide a variety of luxurious and totally customizable vehicles.

On Steam, this one has gotten more than 120,000 reviews and a fantastic overall score of 10 out of 10. It is available on the Steam store for $24.99 for users.


Excalibur Games has a simulation game called Jalopy. The uncle and thus the player serves as the event’s two primary protagonists in an intriguing plot. You will assume the function of a racer throughout the game, while you and your uncle must begin by assembling a Laika from separate pieces.

You’ll use the Laika to go from Eastern Germany to Turkey once it’s complete. Given that it offers more than simply racing and riding, it is among the greatest games like My Summer Car.

Gamers on Pc have responded positively to it. With more than 6000 reviews, it scored a solid 7 overall score. It is available through the Steam store for $14.99.


Although there are many games available that are comparable to My Summer Car, this selection of these games only features the finest.  All of these titles that are written in our post were offered for sale on the Steam store and also have gotten positive reviews from gamers.

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