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 Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

The climbing games like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy are difficult. There is nothing more to it than using the mouse to move the hammer. You can jump, swing, climb, and fly with practice. The accomplished hikers who make it to the summit of the mountain will find great mystery and a beautiful reward. Bennett Foddy’s voice-over commentary on the game’s many philosophical subjects is played in the background. When the player loses a substantial amount of progress or reaches specific game milestones, the commentary also includes lines about disappointment and perseverance. There are no checkpoints, so as the player climbs the mountain, they constantly run the risk of losing some or all of their progress. When the player enters space and reaches the highest point on the map, the game is over.

In this game blog, we will walk you through similar games like getting over it.

1.     99 Fails

99 fail


Discover what is happening to Zeebo while listening to a great soundtrack created by David Wise as you traverse pillars in his odd nightmare. Addicting one-action button precision platforming with three mechanics to master and online multiplayer that’s simple to learn but incredibly difficult to master! It might be the hardest game you’ve ever played. You must progress through five parts of Zeebo’s psyche to discover his tragic past by reading a comic. Face more challenging games and perplexing occurrences by mastering three mechanics! Defeat the adventure mode? Play Permadeath in Adventure Mode. This game is very similar to getting over it with bennet foddy.

2.     Vikings On Trampolines

In the action game Vikings on Trampolines, you fight to keep your Viking alive and off the ground. To play, you must move left and right in order to bounce bosses, foes, and trampolines back into the safety of the air. It is an action-packed, retro-styled game where furious fun is created by simple, goofy bouncing.

Move your Viking figure left and right across the screen to jump off a few trampolines at the bottom and then back up into the air to play. To prevent your Viking from striking the earth, you can also use opponents, characters controlled by other players, and special powers.

Each time you hit the ground, one of your five lives is lost. You are removed from the game once all of your lives have been used up. This game’s simplicity, in terms of both concept and control, is what makes it intriguing. It’s much harder to avoid touching the ground than it sounds because you can only move left or right. The game will attempt to trip you up and steal your lives by throwing all kinds of monsters, power-ups, and other stuff at you. You must be vigilant, be careful with the few moves you can make, and constantly try to stay high up on the screen so you have plenty of time to respond to any challenges that may come your way.

3.     Braid


Similar to Mario World in style, Braid is a platformer with an unexpected twist. Your character’s movement is tied to the passage of time in a perplexing way. The fascinating riddles that come from this have a connection to a narrative about relationships and forgiving others. Over the course of the many stages, this gaming element develops to mind-bending extremes. It’s the kind of difficulty that, up until you figure it out, is irritating but then is incredibly fulfilling.

4.     Beard Blade

beard blade

In the running and leaping game Beard Blade, you can climb, swing, glide, and kill adversaries by using your beard. It sounds like a ridiculous idea, yet it adds new elements to this oversaturated genre coupled with the day-night cycle that completely alters levels. It’s an unusual game that differentiates itself from other platformers thanks to its special objective to retrieve your stolen animals.

player play Branson is a farmer who stows away aboard the thief’s ship after learning that his flock has been taken, only to be up on a barren island teeming with valuables and secrets. you set off on a mission to get your herd back, punish the smugglers, and get back home. You need to jump over chasms and avoid obstacles because you start out quite weak. You must carefully avoid adversaries because you are unable to defeat them at this point. As you go, you get upgrades like beard-punching foes and a beard parachute, which you can even use to scale ladders and ropes with your enormous beard hands. Along with this peculiar movement, you return to levels at various hours of the day and night to find that they have entirely changed. Thus, there are numerous hidden items and compelling reasons to revisit each level.

5.     Goop Loop

goop loop

In the game Goop Loop, you take control of a gooey lump stuck inside a concrete loop. You may propel the loop through the level by using both the gravity of the environment and the momentum of your goo. You encounter a variety of physics difficulties in this approach.

As you develop your skills and awareness of your momentum, what frequently appears like overwhelming challenges become overcomeable. You can only move, leap, and stick to the loop during play. As you go along, you learn how important it is to aim your jump in order to gain the momentum you require. You can also have some degree of control over your goop in the air. It’s a game where it’s simple to lose progress and where you’ll probably feel frustrated. However, that is sort of the goal. The entire time, a developer’s voice that can’t be seen or heard makes jokes and dad jokes about how miserable you are. If you stick with it, you’ll uncover a challenge that will have you on the edge of your seat.

6.      Surmount


In the traversal game Surmount, you must jump, swing, and climb your way up a difficult mountain. You play by managing the swings, movements, skills, and jumps of your character to climb steadily higher.

Players can encounter a forgiving climbing experience with a cartoonish backdrop in this unusual mountain climbing game. In order to move up the mountain, you must jump from platforms, take hold of rocky outcrops, and use momentum. By increasing jumps and swings, the goal is to go through challenging areas and climb further up the mountain in an effort to reach the summit. It may seem easy, but timing your jumps and managing your stamina, which only refuels when you’re standing on a platform, are important. As you go, you get access to accessories like backpacks and headgear that let you customize your avatar. Additionally, you amass upgrades and things that improve your climbing capacity. There are numerous options, and the key to winning the game is to plan out the best route up the mountain face.

7.     Tip Top Don’t fall

tip top


In the climbing game Tip Top, you travel the globe in search of dynamic climbing challenges. To play, you must use different sticks to control each of the climber’s arms, giving the game a distinctive tactile (and high-skill) sense. This makes it a unique challenge, as do the randomly generated climbs that are unique every time you play. Although the game’s audio and aesthetics are adequately done, the game’s unique climbing controls really set it apart. The sticks and hold buttons are used to move your character’s hands from one grip to the next. Finding the fastest route to the top while juggling these actions with your limited stamina is difficult. It’s a challenging game, and if you fall off, you have to start over. It’s constantly different when you go on your next run, and that, together with your desire to do better, makes it a very replayable experience.

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8.     Hoplegs


In the bouncing and hopping game Hoplegs, your goal is to help a box with four legs reach the finish line. With each leg, you lift yourself off the ground to go forward while using the walls and ceiling as support. To go over numerous obstacles, up walls, and over long jumps requires considerable timing and expertise, despite how straightforward it may seem. Due to the few methods, you can go forward, it differs from the majority of other platform games. Four buttons on your controller are used to maneuver the limbs of a square with four legs. To go through each level, you use this propulsion and your ability to rotate while in the air. This makes accurate jumps and directs the movement toward the flag challenging, unlike other platform games. The difficult terrain and obstructions make things much more difficult.

9.     The Gardener And The Wild Vines

the garden and the wild vines

In the game The Gardener and the Wild Vines, you can run, jump, and climb your way to the top of a tower by using flowers that are growing and vines. It’s a challenging game that emphasizes talent, yet it maintains everything visually airy and light. A game with a fairytale style and a difficult challenge. You take on the role of a gardener trying to save his love. To accomplish this, you search through each tower for your missing Prince. Play includes chopping and climbing your way to the top using your magic gardening shears. You can make the vines grow by hitting them and then leaping onto the leaves. Chain many of these together to create an accelerated leap.

10.    I Wanna Maker

i wanna maker

In the running and jumping game I Wanna Maker, you can design your own levels and share them with other users. It offers a new platforming challenge with a wide range of challenges to choose from and has over 1000 levels to play, all created by different people across the world. However, the emphasis is typically on incredibly exact timing and quick reactions. Similar to Super Mario Maker, you have access to a wide range of tools for level creation, including spikes, moving platforms, and bespoke boss fights. You can learn how to make levels that provide the player with a special challenge by playing around with the level editor’s features. Many of the levels are designed to be extremely difficult, with an emphasis on extremely precise jumps, double jumps, and wall jumps where you only have a very small window of time to react.

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