Games Like Enslaved Odyssey to the West

Action-adventure video game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was created by Ninja Theory and released by Namco Bandai Games.

Follow a suspenseful, unexpected adventure as two very different characters come together in an uneasy alliance in order to live in a dangerous post-apocalyptic America. In the future, 150 years from now, conflict and disaster have left the earth in ruins, with few people still alive and nature has taken back control of the planet.

Strange slave ships take advantage of the population’s decline and transport them out west, never to be seen again. A technologically sophisticated young woman named Trip is held captive on a slave ship but is able to escape by using her brainpower. Due to his brute strength and brawn, Monkey, a strong, gruff loner, and fellow prisoner, also escapes. As she embarks on her treacherous trek back home, Trip rapidly understands that Monkey is both her passport to freedom and her sole chance of survival.

In order to connect them, she alters a slave headband and puts it on Monkey. If she passes away, he too passes away, and her path is now his. The main focus of ENSLAVED is the nuanced interaction between the two protagonists. In order to ensure that Monkey and Trip survive the dangers and difficulties that they face, players assume the position of Monkey and use a combination of battle, strategy, and environmental traversal.

1.     God of War

god of war

You take on the role of the super-powerful Norse fantasy warrior Kratos as he sends his son Atreus on a bloody errand following the passing of his mother. A mythological family tale that is acted out in a dramatic Scandinavian landscape is intertwined with the exploring, puzzle-solving, climbing, and combat gameplay.

Kratos is able to defeat any foe with ease, but he finds it difficult to empathize with his son, who is still processing the death of his mother. The development of their friendship is both interesting and occasionally tragic due to the beauty of the world they travel through and Kratos’ unique confidence in battle.

This flips the script on the typical power-fantasy video game. As with the lovely landscape they travel through, Atreus need care and nurturing rather than his father’s protection. To completely accomplish this, the entire game must be played.


2.     13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

13 sentinels


In the video game 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, players take control of thirteen separate characters that interact with one another to create a broader story. There are three parts to the gameplay. Three of them are Remembrance, which prioritizes exploration and discussion while also advancing the plot; Destruction, in which players don mecha and fight Kaiju-type foes; and Analysis, a lexicon that lists key terms and character bios.

The player traverses 2D side-scrolling locales in the nonlinear, adventure game-like Remembrance parts. Objects move in real time and some scenes can change independently of the player’s decisions.

Recent games feature the Thought Cloud database which allows players to access internal monologues and start new conversations. The database adds keywords used by characters and acquired objects, and when recognized, these keywords are carried over into earlier or concurrent scenes, opening up new narrative possibilities. The flowchart used to track the character storylines allows users to navigate between scenes and explore various Thought Cloud keywords.

If the incorrect decision is made in one section, To allow players to make the best decision, the game reverses time to the beginning of the day. Events that the player has already seen can be fast-forwarded to get there sooner.

3.     Blackwind


In a last-ditch effort to halt a planetary invasion, Blackwind pits you against hordes of foes and fierce combat in a hack-and-slash shooter platformer sci-fi action game. A small human mining colony on the planet Medusa-42 is under attack by the Raknos hordes. James Hawkins finds himself imprisoned within a military Battle Frame prototype after the spacecraft “Pandora” is destroyed. While looking for his father on many planets, he must learn its abilities in order to combat the alien armies.

  • Rather than being a list of arenas to enter into battle, it was story-driven and played like an adventure.
  • You have the option of choosing a melee, ranged, or hybrid fighting style.
  • With powerful termination moves, enemies can be mercilessly killed.
  • In comparison to the mentioned competitors, exploration, platforming, and some environmental problems are more prominent. Another plus is the detachable drone, which can be used in local co-op mode and single-player.

4.     Heavenly Sword

heavenly sword

Similar to the game Enslaved Odyssey to the West, Heavenly Sword provides a potent blend of narrative and heroic storytelling. The main character, Nariko, utilizes a weapon called the Heavenly Sword that transforms into one of three forms based on what attack posture the player selects as part of a distinct combat style.

The fighting is martial arts-inspired. You appear to die after a battle at the beginning of the game, wake up in a field, and then explain what happened to the power of the sword. After that, you embark on a quest to learn what happened to your people. Even while Heavenly Sword starts out seeming like a straightforward fighting game similar to Enslaved, it eventually transforms into a stunning experience. Although it’s a small and quick game, there are instances when the story feels more like one from a movie.

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5.     Nimbus INFINITY

nimbus infinity

The year 2100 is about to begin. Since the conclusion of the last great conflict, half of mankind has relocated to outer space and established colonies in order to explore new worlds, while the central CFN government has been successful in bringing the various warring factions of Earth under its iron rule.

The capacity of skilled pilots to forge neural ties with the powerful mechs has all but disappeared, handing the battlefield up to sheer might and overwhelming numbers, leading to the abandonment of Battle Frame technology.

6.     Ultra Age


In the far future, Ultra Age is a fast-paced, sword-swinging action game that tells the tale of the youthful warrior Age, who sets out on a quest to prevent the extinction of humanity.

Cut through robotic and mutant enemies with your blades as you explore futuristic settings and expose a big conspiracy involving the future of the world. Humans have split into two groups: those who have left Earth and moved to the space colony “Orbital Arc” and those who have stayed on Earth and live in “The Shelter,” due to exhausted resources and a permanently altered ecology on Earth in the distant future.

7.     Death Trash

death trash


The role-playing game Death Trash takes place in an open-world post-apocalyptic horror setting. While exploring the stars, humans discovered robots and deadly worms, forcing them to retreat into contained dwellings. You take on the role of an outcast in the wasteland who must carry a hazardous burden through deserts, ruins, the underworld, and beyond.

Exploring the vast environment and engaging in melee and ranged twin-stick combat against opponents are all part of the game. Or perhaps you decide to sneak through or steal their gear. You collect objects, worms, and metal to survive and interact with others in a branching adventure. Role-playing is fun and adaptable, allowing you to develop your character in various ways. But the true draw here is the grim, post-apocalyptic desolation. Discover hand-painted, natural places populated with odd characters. Converse with the Fleshkraken. Check out the Puke Bar. Explore ancient temples to find new levels of awareness.

Unlike other games of this type, it is possible to beat the game without killing a single character. One of the game’s design objectives was for you to be able to use stealth in a variety of scenarios and finish the game without resorting to violence.

A long-running series called Tomb Raider has recently undergone a reboot. This implies that it is constructed entirely from scratch rather than just receiving a new coat of paint like a re-release. Lara Croft is the main character in each game. She uses guns, running, jumping, and fighting to get to tombs that present a more tranquil puzzle challenge.

8.     Tomb Raider

tomb raider

The game’s original appeal came from its blend of exploration, riddles, fighting, and its gorgeous, strong female protagonist.

Lara is more vulnerable and believable in recent games. Recent video games feature large, wide environments for players to explore and survive in. The main character, driven by adrenaline, also grapples with conflicting feelings for her father and empathy for other characters.

This increases the urge to upgrade Lara as you would in a role-playing game and earn stuff. The main tomb complexes and smaller side-tomb quests still need puzzle-solving, but the emphasis is on archaeological significance rather than hoarding priceless artifacts.

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