Galaxy Z Fold3 will be lighter in weight

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Galaxy Z Fold3 will be lighter in weight

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will be lighter in weight as compared to its previous variant Galaxy Fold2. The reason for its light weight will be the use of an Armor Frame. As per leaks, Galaxy Z Fold3 will be 13g lighter than Fold2. The leaks were given by Ice Universe that has been revealing the mobile specs for a long time. Likewise Galaxy Fold2, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will also come in a foldable model. The device is expected to be launched in July, according to the sources. Therefore this device will be launching in the third quarter of this year.

Considering its specs and its previous sibling, the price could be the same as the Fold2. The device supports 5G. The upcoming foldable device features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon latest chipset of 888. Samsung’s new device will patent the Armor Frame that will reduce its weight. The Armor Frame contains a titanium or carbon fibre frame which is considered as light in weight as compared to steel and also aluminium.

Moreover, the upcoming device will also be water-resistant. This will be the only device around the globe to be featured with water resistance alongside foldable. Additionally, it could also switch to an LTPO panel with having a 120 Hz refresh rate of the screen. The Samsung Z Fold3 will feature new generation foldable displays and the screen will have the updated version of Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG).

Drawbacks of Samsung Z Fold3:

The major drawbacks of Z Fold3 are only a small screen and small battery than its previous model. Fold3 will have a smaller external screen of 5.4 inches. Whereas battery will be available in 4275 mAh as compared to 4,500 mAh of its previous model.

Surprisingly, it could also support an S pen just like Samsung’s S21 Ultra. Unfortunately, it won’t have a stylus slot like S21 Ultra.

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