Finally, Telegram has added group video calls for its users

Finally, Telegram has added group video calls for its users

In April 2020, Telegram promised its users to add the feature of video chat for both the versions i.e. desktop and smartphone. To fulfil the promise, the messaging app has finally added group video calls to the app. The video chat features have come along with other updates in the app. The other updates include animated background and new emojis in the conversation section. Apart from these features, now you will be able to share your screen recordings likewise other video calling apps.

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Initially, the video chat can be done through 30 participants of the group. The criteria of having in the video call are based on come first and join first. The voice call can be changed into video chat just by tapping the camera button on the screen of the ongoing call. Telegram claimed that an unlimited number of participants can be added to the audio call, while the number of group members in the video call will increase after some updates. As per the officials of the private messaging app, the developers in the company are working on software that will increase the number of members participating in the video chat.

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Despite the long-awaited group video calls, Telegram also added several other new updates as mentioned above, including

  • Improved noise suppression
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Updated emojis.

Interestingly, both the users of major operating systems, such as iOS and Android can select from various options to add animated background as well as can also create their unique ones.

According to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, the company had reached over 500 million active users daily. The major users came after the controversial privacy policy from its rival company WhatsApp. Though, telegram still is far behind WhatsApp in terms of updated features especially video calls. To recall, WhatsApp introduced the update of video chat on its platform in 2018.

If you are not using the feature of a video call on your Telegram, can update the new package from Apple Store or Google Play Store, depends upon the type of OS or device you are using. While in the case of desktop or web browser, you can directly download the updated package from the website of Telegram.

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