Facebook wants to improve news feed

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Facebook wants to improve news feed

The social media giant, Facebook will be starting the survey from its users because it wants to improve news feed. Facebook will be asking its users about the experience of their algorithm of the news feed. Many users had reported to the company about the bad experience of their news feed. To solve the problem, Facebook will start the survey in the upcoming month to know more about their news feed issues faced by the users. Secondly, Facebook has already decided to change the algorithm of the news feed. Therefore, the users will have to answer the questions in the surveys.  To improve the news feed experience, the users must complete the surveys and help Facebook improving the news feed.

Furthermore, you will be seeing more surveys in your news feed than usual. As per the announcements, one of the surveys questions will be like:

Is this post worth your time? If your reply is positive then you’ll see similar posts at the top of your News Feed section.

Additionally, the survey will also ask the users whether or not their news feed includes too much political content. The users complained about their bad experience regarding too much political content on their news feed. In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wanted to remove out the political content from Facebook. Also, according to him, people don’t want politics and fighting like things on their daily news feed.

The other survey will include inspirational content. The users find what kind of content in their news feed is considered as inspiration. The company wants to find the interest of users in certain topics such as cooking, sports, entertainment and politics.

Facebook is also testing another tool for hiding a post. However, this hidden button is already on the app but many of us don’t know about it. For having more control over the news feed, the “x” button will hide a post in your News Feed.

In a nutshell, the company, Facebook wants the users to customize their news feed according to their own interest.

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