Facebook to launch AI-powered feature for group admins to tackle conflicts

Facebook to launch AI-powered feature for group admins to tackle conflicts

As per the reports, Facebook has been planning to launch a couple of new tools for their group admins and moderators to avoid conflicts in the comments section. Interestingly, the upcoming new features will be powered with the help of the latest technology i.e. AI. Moreover, the new updates have been especially made for group admins of Facebook. After the new features will have been publically launched, the group admins can take firm control of their communities. Also, the AI-powered tools will let them have a look at “contentious or suspicious conversations” taking place in the comment portions of their communities.

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Facebook Conflict Alerts:

According to Facebook, the new AI-powered feature has been given the name “Conflict Alerts”. The new update is very much similar to the previous one or you can say the current feature i.e. “Keyword Alerts”. The keyword alerts let the administrators of the groups make or create a custom alert for particular, selected, and contentious words or phrases. However, this current feature uses machine learning models to try and spot out more types of those selected words. By enabling this alert feature, the administrator of that group can take the following actions:

Admins can:

  • take action by deleting comments
  • boot users from a group
  • limit how often a certain individual can comment
  • set the limit of comments that can be made on certain posts

According to social media giant, they are now just testing this feature and all the details can’t be revealed. The social networking king also made an unclear announcement of the launch of this feature. Moreover, the company aimed to launch this feature ASAP. On the other hand, the accuracy of this feature is still unknown as it is yet to be available for the beta public.

According to a spokesperson of Facebook, the company could use machine learning models to keep an eye on multiple signals, including reply time and comment volume to determine whether engagement between users might lead to negative interactions or not.


Admin homepage on Desktop:

The other upcoming feature will be the homepage of the community that works as a dashboard for the group admin. The dashboard tool will be able to display all the group activities happening by the members. The activities include:

  • the looking of members and reported comments
  • overviewing the Facebook posts by the group members
  • accessing to new member summaries and activities
  • seeing the number of times the members have posted and commented in the group
  • the posts that have been removed or muted in the group

Admin Assist feature for comment:

Last but not least is the feature of “Admin Assist” that will be part of the tool of “Conflict Alerts”. Notably, with the help of this feature, the group admins will have the power to automate comment moderation in the community. Moreover, this new update or feature will let administrators or moderators restrict who is allowed to post comments as well as flag spam and unwanted promotions or advertisements by banning certain links that have been posting in the comment sections and in the group posts.


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