Facebook Smartwatch tipped to launch its first smartwatch with interesting features

Facebook tipped to launch its first smartwatch with interesting features

Facebook is a well known social media giant that has been giving the medium for communication for almost 2 Billion people daily. Despite its software facilities, the company has also decided to launch its hardware or smart gadgets. Amid the feud of Facebook with Apple and Google, the social media giant has planned to launch its smartwatch. They planned to roll out the watch in the competition with the Apple smartwatch. Earlier few months, Zuckerberg –owned company announced that they are going to launch their smartwatch. There came only an announcement, but the social media company didn’t tell the exact launch date or any revelation of features of the gadget. While the inside sources revealed this big news of releasing smartwatch by Facebook.

According to the tipsters, the smartwatch from Facebook will be coming in the mid-summer of this season. Notably, the launching of wrist gadget is the plan of Mark Zuckerberg to come into the line of tech giants including Apple and Google. This will also provide an opportunity for the company to step behind these tech giants especially after the rules imposed by Apple and Google on it. To recall, Facebook has almost no control over its apps in the devices from Apple and Google. Additionally, Apple and Google are dominating over the apps of Facebook including Instagram for their proper functions and algorithm.

With the help of this smart device, Facebook will easily collect users’ data for personalized ads without depending upon Apple and Google. As a reminder, Facebook has already worked with Google regarding its operating system in the smartwatch.


Features of Facebook smartwatch:

However, not too many leaks about the smartwatch have been revealed including its design or specs. Therefore, the below-mentioned features are unofficial or could be possible in the upcoming Facebook smartwatch. According to the leaks, the upcoming wrist device could have a built-in messaging feature. Moreover, the device will also come with the features of health and fitness for health-conscious or exercise lovers. Also, the watch might contain a heart beat monitor for checking the rate of your heartbeat. Furthermore, you can also check the pulse rate from the device.

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As per the sources, the wrist smartwatch will be coming in three colours of casings. The 3 colours will be black, white, and gold. In the case of cameras, there will be two cameras, the front camera would be detachable and the other rear camera will be fixed with the display.

When it comes to pricing, the social media networking giant has decided to have a price of USD 400. As we mentioned above, these are the unofficial leaks and rumours, the official specs may vary from these features.

Notably, the company has rumoured to collaborate with other hardware tech giants for the services which it can’t produce or manufacture. Similarly, they have talks with the company for the connection of 5G network services within the watch. Also, they have been working with a company for providing accessories for cameras.


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