Facebook launched new ways to control your feed.

Facebook launched new ways to control your feed.

The social media giant, Facebook launched new ways to control your feed. Facebook has added new settings to customize your feed and community. Unfortunately, this feature is available on desktop and Android devices right now. There’s a piece of bad news for iOS devices, you can’t use this feature in this operating system. The two new features that have been rolled out on Facebook include:

  • What appears in your news feed
  • Who can comment on your posts

Furthermore, the new feature gives you more options for whom and what you see in your news feed. Additionally, it allows who can interact with the images or videos you post.  As we all know some friends and Pages are already prioritized according to Facebook’ algorithm based on interactions you made previously.

How to control your Facebook feed?

Here’s the procedure of controlling your Facebook news feed according to the new policy:

  1. Open your desktop or PC, click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the options of Settings and Privacy
  3. After selecting the above option, choose the News Feed Preferences.

After choosing the above settings, you can select the following procedure as below:

  • Prioritize your favourites: select the people or Pages you want to prioritize, which means their posts will appear more in your news feed. You can add up to 30 friends to your favourites on Facebook.
  • Unfollow people, pages or a group: to select which people, Pages or groups you’d like to stop seeing posts.
  • Reconnect or refollow: it is used to refollow a person, Page or group you unfollowed.
  • Snooze: it allows you to snooze the people, Pages or groups for 30 days.

How to control who comments on your posts?

To customize who can comment on your posts either public or private, do the following method:

  1. Open your desktop PC; click the down arrow at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose the Settings & Privacy.
  3. On the left menu of Facebook, click on Public Posts.
  4. Go to Who Can Follow Me, and make sure Public is selected rather than


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