Facebook disabled fake accounts

Facebook disabled 1.3B fake accounts

The social network, Facebook gave the details of its efforts to fight against the misinformation ahead of a congressional hearing in the USA later this week. Facebook disabled 1.3B fake accounts over the periods of 3 months. The step was taken as a result of fake information. Facebook scrutinizes its accounts that were spreading hate speech or misinformation. The accounts were disabled between October and December in the previous year. The steps were taken ahead of the congressional hearing in the USA. Moreover, Facebook is not the only one that has taken steps ahead of the hearing, Twitter and other social media platforms had also taken steps.

"Despite all of these efforts, there are some who believe that we have a financial interest in turning a blind eye to misinformation," wrote Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen in the blog post, which was also published in Morning Consult. "The opposite is true. We have every motivation to keep misinformation off of our apps and we've taken many steps to do so at the expense of user growth and engagement."

Facebook has over 35,000 employees working on dealing against misinformation on its platform according to the blog post of Facebook.  However, Facebook claims that it’s also removed more than 12 million posts with misinformation about covid-19 and its vaccine. Facebook takes help from its AI systems and that over the past three years. Democrats and Republicans parties in the US have been searching for ways to limit the authority of big tech giants especially Facebook and Twitter. Surprisingly, in the last quarter of 2020, there were nearly 2.8 billion active users on Facebook.

Facebook’s vice president of integrity Guy Rosen announced in a blog post on Monday that Facebook blocks “millions of fake accounts” every day. 

According to Rosen, Facebook “removed over 100 networks of coordinated inauthentic behaviour” (or groups of pages working together to intentionally mislead the public) in the last three years. If a Facebook’s team of 80 independent fact-checkers rate something as “false”, the website limits the post’s distribution and adds a warning label to the post."

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