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With the game of eight playable characters of Dragon Quest 11 everyone of them have different abilities and powers that comes up with the new dresses. Each dress have something new with them, improved HP, more strength to the enemy attack or increase resistance. The outfits also play an important role for acquiring ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ trophy. While some can be acquired after meeting some certain conditions.

Here are the list of costumes you can get:

Luminary Outfits

Luminary Outfits

Cobblestone’s Finest: This costume can be obtained in the closet of your own house at Cobblestone after you finish rebuilding it.

The Parade Participants: It will come through a story part where you meet Sylvando after the end of an event at “Yggdrasil”.

Irwin Armor Set: This outfit can be acquire after freeing Irwin from a monster in a quest.

The Luminary of Legend

Erdwin’s Coronet Set: This set can be found on third floor in luminary’s trail, you can also look for Tunic behind the red-sealed gate on the 1st floor.

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Dragon Quest 11 Costumes

The Fugitive(Travelers Hood): This simple but amazing outfit can be found inside of a cabinet in Gallopolis’ church.

The Trodain outfit: While following the post-game you will automatically get this dress.

Sylvando Outfits

The Head-Turner (Dapper Set): You have to craft this dress before acquiring it. From the recipe called ‘The Drapper’s Chap’ the is rewarded after completing the quest ‘Skincare for the Fierce and Fabulous’.

The Superstar outfit: This outfit can be crafted from recipe book called ‘Glam Gear for Go-Getters’. the book is a reward from a quest ‘Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson’.

Mardi Garb: It can be acquire automatically with the end of a quest similar to luminary Mardi Grab.

Coraza de Caballero (The Don): have a chat with butler in Don Rodrigos room while in a post game ‘Puerto Valor’ after the fight scene of golden gaints.

Sarena Outfit

Dancer’s Costume: This dress is available for purchase from a vendor around the city called Gallopolis.

Goddess’s Tiara dress: After your arrival to Puerto Valor you will find a recipe book ‘Sacred Styles for Saintly Ladies‘ in a chest in a battleground. for crafting this dress you will need some of the material that can be found around the city or from finishing some quests.

Little Devil’s Dress: You can find this dress in a treasure chest next to the Ultimate Key on Havens Above.

Rab Costumes

The Grandest Master’s Grab: to find this dress you need to find a chest in Mount Pai Lang.

The Sun Lord Outfit: You will need to win the 3rd trial in The Wheel of Harma in Angri-La for this outfit.

Veronica Outfit

The Kitty Cat outfit: You can purchase both hat & dress from armor store in Gondolia.

The spotty Sorceress: You can craft the hat and dress from a recipe book  received from a red-clothed townsperson in Puerto Valor.


We will update the list soon with more dresses location!


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