Covid-19 vaccine fact box has been added by Twitter

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Covid-19 vaccine fact box has been added by Twitter

The Covid-19 vaccine fact box of Twitter in the user’s timeline contains information about the vaccine. The information about the available corona vaccines from reliable sources like the World Health Organization has been added by Twitter. Like other social and digital media platforms, Twitter has also decided to take its part towards the awareness of the Covid-19 vaccine. Yesterday, YouTube started the campaign regarding Covid-19 vaccine PSA(s) on its platform.

The new feature of YouTube is highlighting all the things people can do once the restrictions of Covid-19 are over. Facebook, on the other hand, has been giving out the notification feature on the user’s timeline. The notification feature will help people know whether their state, city or country has opened up vaccinations or not. The social media giant plans to display the notification in additional countries when it makes sense to do so. Anyhow, this is another way for people to find information on the vaccine(s).

The Covid-19 vaccine box of Twitter will let the people know about the availability and efficiency of vaccine(s) from public health experts. The Covid-19 fact box will appear on both Android and iOS. Surprisingly, the fact box has been so big that the users can’t ignore the fact box. The fact box has been titled as“Covid-19 Vaccines: Know the facts”. The users can click on the link in the fact box to know more about Covid-19 vaccines. Once you clicked that link, you will go to a Twitter events page. It will contain information about the vaccine from reliable sources such as public health experts. The event page has been a well-organised page with information on all the key queries regarding the Covid-19 vaccine(s).

The event page of Twitter covers almost all queries about the Covid-19 vaccine. It covers the myths including:

  • vaccine effectiveness
  • potential side effects
  • advice for pregnant women
  • getting multiple vaccines at once
  • different vaccines and their variants

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