Best laptop for school children

Best laptop for school children

Best Laptop for Kids:

We have bought you the list of best laptop for school children. If you’re a parent and worried about selecting the best laptops for your school-going children, then here is the list of best laptops for your child.

  • Lenovo IdeaPad 3 of 14-inch laptop with 256GB SSD
  • AMD Ryzen 5 of 14-Inch Laptop with 256GB SSD 
  • Dell Chromebook 3100- Intel Celeron 11.6-Inch (2-in-1 Laptop) 
  • AMD Ryzen 5  of 15.6-Inch Laptop with 512GB SSD 
  • Dell Vostro 14 3490 Intel i5 of 14-Inch Laptop with 1TB HDD and 8GB RAM 
  • Asus Chromebook -Intel Celeron of 14-Inch Laptop’s screen


Best laptop for school children

Laptops for children:

Likewise, the parent’s concern about the Smartphone of their children, parent’s concern is similar to the child’s laptop. Parents have concerns over responsibility, online safety, and much much more. In this article, our main focus is on younger children. The need for a laptop for not only children but for everyone is now increased due to this pandemic.

Children’s laptop usage:

Regardless, children wanted the laptop to use it at home for both i.e. Homework and fun.

For the fun, children message or e-mail their friends, watch videos, play games, etc.

For their homework, the child may look up the information, research, online classes and typing book reports, making presentations on PowerPoint, etc.

Parental control:

Luckily, both Chromebooks and Windows laptops have parental control features in them. Although there are parental controls or online safety methods in the laptops, you have to take some factors as considered. For example, a laptop’s screen size is much bigger than a Smartphone. This feature makes it possible for you to check your child’s activity at any time. This method also helps to reduce the screen time of your child by disconnecting the laptop.

Specifications of child’s Laptop:

The final verdict is that how your kids use the laptops. Their usage determines the processor, storage, and built-in memory specifications. Tasks such as typing notes, doing research, and making PowerPoint presentations require little more than the actual overall performances. To make budget-friendly laptops Chromebooks and AMD are now using mobile chipsets or processors, for instance, MediaTek.

The next step is which processor type and which generation you wanted to buy for your children. You should at least go for Intel Core i3 if your kid’s teachers have regular online lectures. If you can afford then we suggest you go for Intel Core i5 or i7. 

Last but not the least, memory and storage. The child’s laptop should have at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 built-in memory. You should go for 128 GB of HDD (HARD DISK DRIVE) if your child’s laptop has windows 10 installed in it. As the operating system (OS) files on a Windows 10 can take more than 20GB of your child’s laptop memory. The remaining memory would be 40GB which is too low.

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