Best Fitness bands under 3000

Best Fitness bands under 3000


Having adequate knowledge about our fitness is necessary. Keeping a healthy and fit body is essential these days, as the world is constantly exposed to many deadly diseases. Therefore, it is almost a necessity to track your health, sleep, and other fitness-related actions.


Having a quality fitness band that suits a user’s needs can provide adequate data about his health and fitness. In addition, buying a fitness band won’t break your bank these days, as there are some great options to consider at a budget-friendly price tag. Also have a look at the best fitness bands under Rs.2000.


These fitness bands have got what it takes to do the job for you with utmost quality and accuracy. Hence, The LogicalShout team is here to guide you in choosing the best fitness bands. After several hours of research and running through hundreds of user reviews, we present you the Best Fitness bands under Rs 3000.

NoiseFit Endure Spo2


The Noise brand has been at the epitome in the market for providing quality assured personal accessories. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise to see a fitness band from the Noise brand occupying the top spot in our list of best fitness bands under 3000.


Noise has been successful in selling a remarkable amount of fitness bands. This is because the brand has been producing some of the best value for money products. One such popular fitness band of Noise is the NoiseFit Endure Sp02.


Build Quality and Design– A sturdy and equally stylish mode, The Noisefit Enduro Sp02 will not disappoint you with its design. The bezels are made of stainless steel, which gives a classy touch to the model.


The band is weightless and has an overall sporty look to it. In addition, this sweat-resistant watch has a leather strap to it. When it comes to Build Quality, Noise has done an excellent job providing a high-quality build to the device.


The NoiseFit is also certified as a dustproof and waterproof model. The Endure Sp02 is available in the market in various colors, including Charcoal Black, Raging Red, and Teal Green.


Display- The NoiseFit Endure Sp02 has a 3.25 cm full touch display. The display is round and wide, so using it won’t be much difficult. The device has the apt brightness for its users as you won’t find any strain in using it during the daytime. NoiseFit also offers a 240×240 pixel resolution for its users.


Battery- Battery backup is an important factor to consider when you are into buying a fitness band. The NoiseFit Endure Sp02, with its 320mAh battery, offers you up to 20 days of longevity in a single charge when it comes to battery backup. When on standby, it can last up to 30 days. Charging the band to its fullest would take up to 2 hours.


Features and Sensors- The NoiseFit Endure Sp02 is at its best when providing minute details regarding our health. The device has nine sports modes which are very vital in altering your health goals. The Sp02 model also thrives when tracking your activities like the distance you have walked or ran, your sleeping time, calories that you have burned.


Heart monitoring is also possible in this device, and the accuracy is acceptable. A separate female health tracking feature is also featured in this fitness band, a wonderful addition.


The NoiseFit Endure Sp02 is compatible with Android 5 and above and IOS 8+. The best of NoiseFit Endure Sp02 can be churned out when you pair the powerful DaFit app of NoiseFit.


Key features

  • Full Touch, Full-color Display which is 1.28 wide
  • 100+ cloud-based watch faces let you choose a fresh style
  • A sturdy and sporty design that is attractive
  • Expand NoiseFit Endure functionality by pairing it with the DaFit app
  • Battery backup is great which lasts for 20 days on a single charge
  • It covers nine sports modes



  • A sturdy and sporty design that is equally stylish
  • Excellent Build quality
  • Large Battery of 320mAh
  • 24/7 Heart monitoring
  • Nine sports modes are covered
  • 1000+ watch faces
  • Notification & Call Alert Function
  • Compatible with Android and IOS



  • At times it keeps rebooting itself


Xiaomi Band 5

When it comes to thrilling audiences with premium features in a budget-friendly product, Xiaomi is by far the kingpin of the category. Xiaomi’s influence in the Indian market is undeniable, and now they have yet another stronghold in the fitness class with its Xiaomi Band 5. The Mi band 5, a successor of the evergreen Mi band 4, is an impressive update bound to excite users. Xiaomi has added several exciting features to this fitness band which makes it much more alluring.


Build Quality and Design- The Xiaomi Band 5 has a neat and sporty design to it. The brand hasn’t taken any risk in the design as they kept it simple and classy. The design may feel too simple for some users, but the brand makes up for this flaw with some spectacular features. The device is also dustproof and waterproof.


When it comes to Build Quality, The Xiaomi Band 5 has got that premium look and build. Therefore, the users won’t find anything of inferior quality from this device in its build. The Mi band 5 comes in different color variants regarding its strap color as the brand offers Black, Navy Blue, Orange, Teal, and Purple variants. The overall weight of the Mi band 5 is just around 11g which makes it super comfy and easy to wear.


Display- There is a slight addition in terms of size as the Mi band 5 has a 20% extra screen size compared to Mi Band 4. This feature isn’t something that stands out but still is considered the right move from the brand. The Mi band display has an AMOLED touchscreen with a size of around 1.1 inches.


With a resolution size of 126×294 pixels, the users can have a better fitness band when compared to other ones in the market. Unfortunately, one downgrade that the brand has opted for is to go with a 16-bit color range instead of the 24-bit color range present in the Mi Band 4. However, viewing this device during daylight won’t be a hassle as it has a peak brightness of 450 nits.


Battery- The Xiaomi Band 5 offers a great battery backup for its users. The device can withstand seven days of active users on a single charge. The MI band has a magnetic charger; therefore, there is no need for the users to remove the capsule from the wristband to charge it. Charging is not much of a draining process as it will only take close to two and half hours to charge the band fully.


Features and Sensors- The MI band 5 of Xiaomi is just stocked with various exciting features. Let’s start with sleep tracking. The device can analyze the user’s REM sleep cycle and can track midday naps. However, Xiaomi’s claim of an improved heart rate sensor seems to be a marketing ploy as there isn’t much of a difference in that department compared to the MI band 4.


Some of the newest features in the MI band 5 are the stress meter, which is a fun feature to use, and the Personal Activity Index(PAI). The MI band has the best tracking features in the market, which makes it much more alluring. The device can track 11 workout modes, including a yoga tracker.


Key features

  • Sporty and sturdy Design
  • AMOLED touchscreen display
  • Battery life that lasts up to two weeks
  • A total of 11 sports mode
  • Magnetic charging
  • PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) Single matrix to track your all fitness-related activities
  • Premium Quality
  • Designed for supreme comfort
  • Easy installation
  • Soft matte finish



  • The magnetic charging option is a great addition
  • Has some of the best sleep trackers, including mid-day nap tracking and REM Sleep cycle tracking
  • It has a total of 11 sports mode
  • Premium quality combined with a Polished UI
  • Bigger screen with a gorgeous display
  • Great Battery Backup



  • An outdated design that needs serious revamp
  • Bugs in weather feature
  • Ads in the Android app
  • No Sp02 Features


OPPO Band Style


When it comes to smartphone manufacturing, OPPO has been dominating the Indian market, and they have recently launched their first smart band, “The OPPO Band Style”. The OPPO Smart Band comes with two color variants: black and vanilla, and comes under the price margin of 3000. OPPO has been manufacturing smartwatches since last year, and this smart band is the first one launched by OPPO.


Build Quality and Design- The smart band has an impressive design with rounded edges and a long monitoring module. In addition, it has a stylish and small design that fits with your wrists perfectly.


OPPO provides two straps with the box, a regular black silicone strap, and a metal stand to hold the module. The OPPO Smart band fits perfectly since the straps are made of high-quality silicone. In addition, it has 12 loops which is enough for any wrist size.


Display- The Oppo Band has a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 126×294 pixels. A 2.5D glass at the top of the display ensures protection. The color display is adequately bright, and we can adjust many brightness levels in the settings menu according to user preference.


At the bottom, you can find the brand name OPPO etched with thick bezels on it. On the back of the module are the blood oxygen level monitor, optical heart rate sensor, and charging area. This module is made of polycarbonate and feels sturdy.


Navigation is pretty simple, with one app icon per swipe so that you don’t accidentally open another app due to a shortage of space. The UI is also easily accessible.


Battery- The OPPO Band Style has a 100mAh battery built-in that can last up to 12 days, assured by the company.While testing, it does not last up to 12 days as assured, making the battery life average. For charging, they provide you with a USB-A cable that fits into the USB port of your laptop or power bank. The band takes about an hour to charge fully.


Features and sensors- The OPPO Band Style helps in keeping good track of your health. For example, we can set the heart rate monitor with different intervals according to user preference.


The SpO2 monitor keeps a good track of the blood oxygen level. Though it is not a substitute for an actual physical oximeter, it provides a fair idea about your health.


The device has 12 sport modes: cricket, outdoor walks, Yoga, Indoor walks, etc. The measurements are not precise but nearly accurate. The OPPO Band Style is also water-resistant up to 5ATM, making you wear the band while swimming or taking a shower.


Another intriguing feature is the sleep tracker. This feature rates the sleep as good, average, poor. For example, scores between 90-100 indicate good sleep,80-90 as average, and below 69 as poor. The data can be logged in to the HeyTap health app or linked with your Google Fit account.


Key Features

  • Dynamic SpO2 Monitoring to measure the oxygen saturation during the day or night
  • Sufficient power can support up to 12 days of use
  • Screen with a curved layer of strengthened, scratch-resistant glass
  • You can wear the OPPO Band in the shower, in the pool, or at the beach
  • OPPO band comes with an extra strap free in the box–You can always find the fit for your occasion and mood
  • Suitable Wrist Circumference: 130-205mm



  • A comfy and minimalistic Design
  • Performance is adequate
  • Continuous SpO2 monitoring
  • Simple UI with a vibrant screen



  • Issues with heart tracking
  • Sleep tracking lacks accuracy
  • No women’s health tracking


OnePlus Band


OnePlus has now officially launched its first fitness band, ‘The OnePlus Band,’ at the start of the year 2021. It is useful in keeping your health on track and is priced at Rs.2,499 in the Indian market. OnePlus has been manufacturing high-end smartphones and has made some drastic sales on the market. The company ensures the same quality on their fitness bands.




Build Quality and Design- As with any other fitness band, the Oneplus bands comprise a strap and a capsule. It is fully touchscreen with no buttons and the brand logo ‘Oneplus’ etched below. It weighs up to 23g which is so light that you can wear it all day long.


The OnePlus band comes with a Black colored band which gives it a stealthy look. Navy and Tangerine Gray straps are also available. The strap material is very skin-friendly and does not cause any discomfort while wearing. Charging pins and sensors for heart rate and SpO2 tracking are seen on the backside of the capsule.



Display- The OnePlus Band comes with a resolution of 126×294 pixels and a 1.1 inch AMOLED display. It has five different levels of screen brightness which can be set according to the user preference. Therefore, users won’t find any issues using the band during daylight. The device supports Bluetooth 5 and can be paired with android smartphones with Android 6 OS or above.


Information about your heart rate, steps, SpO2 levels are recorded on the OnePlus Health App, available in the play store.

On the capsule, you can check your daily activities, heart rate, sleep duration, SpO2 levels, and weather, etc.


The Breathe app, which is helpful in breathing exercises, is a nifty feature. The OnePlus Band can store up to five watch faces at a time. In addition, it notifies you about your incoming messages and buzzes for incoming calls.


Battery– The OnePlus Band comes with a 100mAh built-in battery and brags that can last up to 14 days. But the sad reality is that the device, when cranked up with activities, can only last up to four days in a single charge.


This lack of battery backup is certainly one of the major flaws in this fitness band of OnePlus. For charging the band, you must have to remove the capsule. As a result, it takes nearly 1 hour to charge completely.


Features and Sensors- The user interface is very convenient to use. OnePlus provides multiple workout modes like cycling, outdoor walking, cricket, running, etc. In addition, it is capable of SpO2 tracking while you are asleep.


The values recorded are more accurate than any other fitness bands that come under this price category. However, when it comes to stepping tracking, the recorded values seem to be a bit off.


The OnePlus Band is IP68 certified for dust and water resistance. In addition, it can resist pressure up to 5 ATM pressure that enables you to wear the band while swimming.



Key Features-

  • Removable main tracker design allows for an effortless transition between dynamic dual-color strap combinations.
  • On-demand daytime spot checks and continuous sleep monitoring of blood oxygen saturation (Sp02)
  • Access key mobile features directly from your wrist- music, camera shutter controls, call – message notifications, and many more
  • Aside from OTA Software Updates, the OnePlus Health App analyzes health data and provides insights and advice on your personal health.
  • 5ATM and IP68 certified the band is dust and water-resistant up to 50 meters for 10 minutes



  • SpO2 and heart rate is accurate
  • The accuracy of sleep tracking is excellent
  • Bright display
  • Comfy to wear due to its strap and design



  • Watch faces lack variety
  • Battery life is woeful
  • Step tracking needs improvement


Noise Colorfit Pro 2


Noise Colorfit Pro 2 is the best option in the market for people who prefer fitness bands that come with a minimal design. The company assures top-quality to the product at an affordable rate of Rs 2,999. In addition, noise Colorfit Pro 2 comes with a wide variety of attractive colors.



Build Quality and Design- Noise Colorfit Pro 2 comes with an impressive design that fits finely with your wrists. In addition, noise has now added a touchscreen display which was not available in the previous edition of Colorfit Pro.


A button on the right side is used to navigate through the menu. They made bands with excellent quality silicon to not feel any discomfort while wearing the band for long hours. The heart rate sensor and the charging slots are at the backside.


Display – Noise Colorfit Pro 2 comes with a 1.3-inch display and 240×240 pixels resolution. The device can provide bright visuals even under sunlight.


The display has a major update as a touchscreen missing in the ColorFit Pro edition. The touchscreen provides a square display for the Colorfit Pro 2 band. Users may find it irritating to notice that the display can easily have many Fingerprint smudges in it.


Features and Sensors- Noise Colorfit Pro 2 can be easily paired with smartphones through the Noise Fit app available for both android and IOS devices. The device keeps an excellent record of your daily activities. The sleep tracker monitors your sleep patterns and duration.


The female health care option is another nifty feature available in this fitness band that keeps track of your menstrual cycle. This feature is not easily available in other fitness bands that come under this price margin. It could also predict your periods based on the LMP. A music player is also available.


It supports many physical activities like running, climbing, biking, yoga, etc. The heart rate sensor and the sleep tracker show closely accurate readings.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 is water-resistant and has an IP 68 rating.



Battery– The battery lasts up to 7-10 days, which is impressive for a fitness band that comes under this price margin. This impressive battery backup is due to the presence of a 210mAh battery. The device won’t take over 3 hours to get fully charged.


Key Features-


  • 3″ colored display with a full touchscreen that makes taps and swipes smooth
  • The strong but light polycarbonate case is available in 4 different colors with matching swappable straps that fit your wrists perfectly
  • 24×7 optical HR monitor monitors heart rate every 5 minutes and a battery that lasts up to ten days
  • Nine different sport modes include biking, climbing, treadmill, and other physical activities.
  • Water-resistant with IP68 rating



  • The design is Uber-stylish
  • Lightweight with detachable straps
  • Bright Display
  • Commendable battery life
  • IPX68 dust and waterproof



  • Lacks a strong User Interface
  • Thick bezels could have been avoided
  • Step tracking needs improvement


Final verdict-

These five fitness bands are upto the task, and there aren’t any drastic gaps in tracking and quality between them. But if you are looking for the best fitness band, then The NoiseFit Endure Sp02 and Xiaomi Band 5 are the kingpins of this category. But, of course, you can choose either of them according to your personal preference, and you won’t regret buying any one of them.


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