Best apple laptop of all time

Best apple laptop of all time

The best iMacs and MacBooks are leading the personal computer community. The Macbook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020) and MacBook Pro 16-inch are incredibly the powerful MacBook(s) of all time. These two Apple laptops are considered to be the best of all time. The best laptop is the one that has all the best features including CPU, GPU, RAM, Processor, and obviously the HDD.

Best of all time Apple laptops:

Here is the list of all the best MacBook(s) and iMac(s) from the early ’90s till 2008.

  • The Macintosh (1984)
  • The PowerBook 100 series (1991)
  • The Power Mac G3 (1997)
  • The iMac (1998)
  • The PowerBook G3 “Wallstreet” (1998)
  • The iBook (1999)
  • The Power Mac G4 Cube (2000)
  • The (Intel-based) iMac (2006)
  • The MacBook Air (2008)

Best apple laptop of all time

Apple laptops:

However, it’s more than just about the design and power of your apple laptop. The best MacBooks and iMacs also deliver a smooth user experience. The Apple laptops come now with the much-advanced M1 chip and macOS 11 Big Sur. These OS are now available for download on your apple laptops. The Apple laptops are considered to be the best due to their long-lasting performance.

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The following are the types of various versions of Apple laptops:


There are 3 kinds of MacBooks: MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.


The standard MacBook is the most affordable model of the Apple series. This MacBook model maintains a healthy balance between the power of the MacBook Pro and also portability of it. These MacBooks tend to be the best options if you are a student or you need a durable device.

MacBook Pro:

The MacBook Pro series of laptops is exactly like its name. This is a series of a powerful device designed for professional’s people. MacBook Pro comes with the fastest processor, best user experience, larger screen and battery health.

If you need a laptop that’s good enough for your job and fast enough to never make you wait, then MacBook Pro is your best laptop.

MacBook Air:

Apple’s most portable laptop is the MacBook Air. It’s the best laptop for anyone who loves to travel a lot. The ultra-thin laptop easily adjusts in any bag or purse.

Tips for buying the best Apple laptops:

Before purchasing a MacBook you should consider the below tips or tricks.

  • If you want to use your MacBook with a mouse or speakers, then you should invest in a dock. Don’t use third-party docks. You have to use the paid version of the docks.
  • When you run your MacBook for the very first time, then update the operating system. If you want to carry a lot of your MacBook with you, then buy the right adapters. Adapters are the plugs in or the wires and chargers that are used in connections.
  • MacBooks are durable, but can also be the brake. If you plan to travel frequently with your MacBook, then consider getting a case for it to protect. A case can prevent it from damage.

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