Apple Car Project Crises Latest News

Apple Car Project Crises Latest News

Apple car project crises


Over the last several years, Apple has faced many crises including internal, external, leadership issues, and other problems in its car project. The Apple Car project has faced a crisis of leadership and changed several times and hundreds of employees have been called off from their duty during the course of development. On the contrary, the apple car project is under the leadership of John Giannandrea.

Apple car in crisis:

Over the last few years, rumors spread that Apple has shifted its focus to autonomous driving software instead of developing a car. Over these spreading rumors, Apple in August 2018 rehired Tesla engineer Doug Field, which assures that Apple was again developing a car.

Apple may work with a manufacturing vehicle partner to produce the vehicles. They are developing next-level battery technology to extend the range and efficiency of an electric car. Apple has held discussions with Hyundai, Kia, and other automobile manufacturers, and will allegedly ink a deal with an aim to start production and manufacturing in 2024.

In June 2017, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook spoke publicly about Apple’s work and development on autonomous driving software.

From early 2017, Apple has been testing self-driving vehicles on public roads in California by using several 2015 Lexus RX450h SUVs leased from Hertz.


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Apple’s vehicle design:

Apple has held dialogues with four suppliers of the world’s leading LiDAR sensors. Those are smaller, more affordable, and easily mass-produced than the typical LiDAR systems. These typical or out-dated sensors are too bulky and costly to use. Apple project car is aiming for a revolutionary design that could be used in future autonomous vehicles.

Apple is collaborating with Volkswagen and will be installing its self-driving software in Volkswagen vans for testing and also to serve as an employee shuttle.

According to CNBC, the Apple Car Project may become out in 2024 or 2025 and the apple car project would be “fully autonomous.” One source told them that Apple is aiming to make autonomous electric vehicles that mean they are designed to operate without a driver. Apple cars also used for food delivery or in a Robo-taxi service.

Apple has deep expertise in battery technology that it could easily apply to the design of an electric car.


It would be very difficult to expand such a business quickly and to have a meaningful impact on Apple’s bottom line. In December 2020, we heard that Apple is still working on a full car. Right now Apple is aiming to release a car in the next three to six years. The sources have said that Apple is aiming for 2024. But Apple analysts believe a car won’t launch until 2025 to 2027. If Apple launched its own service, it would have to develop its expertise in a wide range of new activities. The new activities include cleaning and repairing of vehicles. Apple has prided itself on controlling the entire user experience in a car. 

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