Android 12 uses the feature of an iPhone

Android 12 uses the feature of an iPhone

After the launch of iOS 14, one of the features that were mainly focused was on user privacy. According to the leaks, Google uses this same feature in the upcoming Android version. As per the leaks of the report, Android 12 uses the feature of an iPhone. It has rumours that Google seems to copy-paste the same feature for its Android 12.

The similar feature of Android 12 and iOS include:

A notification pop-up when a user’s microphone, location, camera, or clipboard has been accessed by the applications.

The leaker claimed that Android 12 might have similar features as its rival iOS version 14. According to XDADevelopers, the leakers had already used an upcoming version of Android 12 early and noticed that the new features are similar to the iPhone features. To further prove them right, they reveal a few screenshots.

According to XDADevelopers, users will receive enhanced privacy controls. The privacy controls include a “show clipboard access” in the privacy settings. When you enabled this feature, you could know that which app is accessing your clipboard. The major difference between the feature of Android and iOS is that these notifications will pop up on the top of your keyboard on Android whereas in iOS the notifications could appear at the top of the screen.

Features of iOS 14:

Additionally, another similar feature of iOS 14 is about the location.  According to the new feature, you can give apps an approximate location instead of your exact location if it is asked by the app. In a nutshell, users can give whatever the location of their own choice. The users can also choose to let the app automatically decide to give access to a location.

At last, these were the features that were revealed by XDADevelopers. Furthermore, many updates and features are yet to be revealed in the upcoming weeks.


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