Amazon is destroying millions of items in its UK warehouse

Amazon is destroying millions of items in its UK warehouse

According to Britain’s ITV, the warehouse in the UK is reportedly to destroy millions of its unsold items annually. The items include electronic types of equipment, smart gadgets, books, household items, and even face masks during Covid-19. After the footage was leaked by one of the tipsters, the national forces of the UK investigated the whole scenario. After the investigation was completed, things changed dramatically. The destruction of the items was happening under the Policy of Amazon. For instance, if you own an online store and your things are being kept in the warehouse, so there’s a chance that if those things or items are returned or remain unsold and you aren’t paying for space then Amazon can destroy your items. Surprisingly, the workers working in the UK warehouse claimed of destroying unused items.

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The world’s biggest online store and website was criticized globally after the footage came out to the world. The biggest criticism and question was “why they’re not giving these items to the needy or for donations etc?” When asked by Amazon regarding this case, they claimed that if they give these items to the needy or if they charity them, the whole process will become more costly than you expected. Therefore, by destroying the unsold or returned things the e-commerce giant will be saving money as well as allowing space or place for upcoming new things. The e-commerce company also claimed that the vendors are not willing to pay rent for their unsold or returned items in their warehouses.


According to one of the working employees in the UK warehouse of Amazon, the things which are going to be destroyed have been marked “destroy” on their boxes. While in the case of donations or charity the boxes have been marked “donation”. So from this above statement, we can assure that whole things are not being destroyed. Notably, the company also claimed that all unsold things are not being destroyed rather the company has been donating to needy people as charity.

Interestingly, Amazon also claimed to destroy those items in its warehouses that are listed or house by third-party sellers. According to the reports, the third-party sellers placed their items in the warehouses of Amazon for their rapid logistic process. When after a long time the items remain unsold and the sellers didn’t pay rent for their stock, the online store has only one option left and that’s “destroying”.

The e-commerce giant does not destroy each and every item from its store, but some things go for charity as well. The numbers of things or percentage that go for charity or donations are still unknown. According to the spokesperson of Amazon, the whole destroyed items do not go to landfills. He further claimed that the primary objective of the company is to recycle, reused, and resells unsold items. The spokesperson of Amazon told the ITV that his company is working on a goal of zero product disposals. Additionally, the company wants to send unsold items for energy recovery.


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