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Amazon dropshipping account locked, How to fix?

Intro to the Problem” Amazon dropshipping account lock”

If you are an Amazon seller, then you know that having your Amazon dropshipping account locked can be a nightmare. Not only can it lead to lost sales and income, but it can also be a huge hassle to get your account reinstated.
There are a number of reasons why Amazon might lock your account, such as suspected fraud or violations of their terms of service. However, there are some things you can do to avoid getting your account locked in the first place.
In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to avoid Amazon drop-shipping account lock locked. We will also provide some guidance on what to do if your account is locked and how to get it reinstated.

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Is Your Amazon Drop-shipping Account Locked also?

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper or seller, you know that a locked account can be a considerable inconvenience. Whether locked out of your account entirely or unable to access certain features, it’s vital to know how to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Have you ever been frustrated by needing help accessing your Amazon account? Whether you’re a customer or a seller, getting locked out of your account can be a real pain. This post will discuss why Amazon dropshipping account lock might have been locked and how you can fix it.

The reason, Why Your Amazon  Dropshipping Account is Locked?

There are a few different reasons why your Amazon account may become locked. The most common reason is due to a violation of Amazon’s terms of service. This could be anything from attempting to sell prohibited items to using automated software to post reviews. Whatever the reason, it’s important to resolve the issue as soon as possible so you can get back to using Amazon.

Solution: How to Fix Your Amazon Account Locked Issue?

How to Fix Your Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock Issue

If you require clarification on why your account is locked, the first step is to contact Amazon customer service. They will be able to tell you why your account is locked and how to resolve the issue. In some cases, you may need to agree to Updated Terms and Conditions, while in other cases, you may need to provide additional information to verify your account.

If your account is locked, and you cannot resolve the customer service issue, you can try a few other options.

Solution # 1 Contact Amazon

a. Contact Amazon through Email.

Open your favorite browser and head to the Amazon page.

  • On the sign-in page, click Need help?
  • Then, click Other issues with sign-in. 
  • Next, select Account & login issues. Then, click I cannot sign in to my account. 

Finally, compose an email about the issue you encountered and ask for it to be reinstated. You should get a reply from Amazon on the next steps you should take within the day.

b. Contact Amazon via phone call.

Call +1 (206)-266-2992; if you’re from the U.S. If you live outside America, you should call 1-888-230-4331.

In most cases, the supervisor or account specialist requires the customer to provide some documents or information, such as:

  • Your Amazon account number.
  • Bank statement with the credit or debit card you use for payment. They may also require that it has your Billing Address on it. 
  • Gift card receipts; if this was the issue that got your account locked.
  • Proof of your default shipping address, such as your electricity or water bill.

c. Contact Support via Live Chat 

  1. Log in to your Amazon account. Once logged in, select the Contact Us button.
  2. Next, click the Start chatting now button. From here, you should compile a message stating your problem and when it occurred. 
  3. Amazon will then provide you with an account specialist who will ask to provide verification details. 
  4. You can type in directly the information being asked. For documents, you may send them as an attachment or through Email.
  5. Once your case has been evaluated and verified, you should see your account reinstated in the next few hours to a few days.  
  6. Upload Documents Directly to Amazon
  7. Search for the confirmation email of your last order dispatch.
  8. En your Email by entering your credentials.
  9.  Click the link to access your account temporarily. It should display crucial information aside from the order details. 
  10. Open one of the product pages and try purchasing it. If you see the “Your Amazon account is locked, and orders are on hold,” you are doing well. 
  11. Select the Add document button. 
  12. Upload all the necessary documents. 

Solution # 2

Reach out to the Amazon seller community. There are several forums and groups dedicated to helping Amazon sellers, and they can provide some insight into your account issue.

Solution # 3

Create a new Amazon account. This is only sometimes possible if you’re trying to sell items on Amazon, but it may be worth creating a new account if you’re just a customer. You can then contact customer service and explain the situation. They may be able.

How to Avoid Getting Your Amazon Account Locked

How to Avoid Getting Your Amazon Dropshipping Account Locked?

If you’re running a dropshipping business, one of the worst things that could happen is Amazon suspending or locking your account. This can be a devastating blow to your business, cutting off your primary source of income and costing you a lot of time and money to sort out.

You can do a few things to avoid this from happening, and we’ve outlined some of the most important ones below.

1. Avoid using the Prime service

If you’re running a dropshipping business, it’s best to avoid using Amazon’s Prime service. This is because Amazon Prime shipments are regulated more closely than other shipments, and if you’re flagged for any suspicious activity, your account is more likely to be locked.

2. Purchase low-cost items only

When creating your Amazon account, wait to start purchasing expensive items. Instead, stick to buying low-cost items so that if your account is locked and your orders are removed, you will save money.

3. Limit gift card transactions to $200 per day

Amazon wants to see only a few gift card transactions, especially from new accounts. To avoid triggering their fraud detection system, limit the number of redeemable gift cards you purchase to $200 daily.

4. Create backup accounts using a VPN

If you’re accessing your Amazon account from outside your country of origin, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when entering your login credentials. This will help to prevent your account from being locked due to suspicious activity.


In this blog post, Techictalk shared the remedies for the query “Amazon dropshipping account locked, How to fix”. Hope these solutions will work for you but still if you have any queries regarding this topic you may ask in the comment section. If you have any other suggestions or solutions regarding this query, you can share them with us, as it will be a source of pleasure for Us.

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