Advantages of Remote Desktop Access

As businesses grow and employees work from more locations, the need for remote desktop access has become increasingly important. Here are the advantages of this technology:

Increased Flexibility and Mobility

With RDP access, employees can work from anywhere they have an internet connection. This allows them to take advantage of opportunities that may arise outside the office, even if it’s just taking a break at home or planning for the coming week during the commute. This flexibility makes employees happier and more productive, so employers should see benefits.

Saves Money

RDP access saves money because companies are not investing in additional office space or equipment. It can also help reduce travel costs, as employees can work from home when necessary.


One of the biggest concerns about RDP access is security. However, this worry can be alleviated with the right technology in place. RDP access provides a level of protection not available to other technologies.

RDP access is a secure way to connect to your company’s network. It is difficult for unauthorized individuals to access sensitive data with proper authentication and encryption. Also, programs and files are stored on a company’s server rather than the employee’s computer, so there is less risk of losing important information.


Familiar Environment

An additional benefit of RDP is that it provides employees with a familiar environment to work in. Since the software interfaces look similar to those on their local computers, they can feel right at home when using the remote desktop. This decreases the learning curve and helps improve productivity.

Increase Productivity

When employees access their computers remotely, they can start working more quickly and productively after a short time learning the software. This is because of familiarity with the interface and not dealing with lag time due to using remote connections. According to one survey, remote desktop users were 31 percent more productive.

Better Collaboration

RDP access also encourages better collaboration as employees communicate from their locations. In addition, if several people need to work on the same file, it is easily distributed through the network, so everyone has the current version.

Easier Maintenance

Since remote desktop access connects to a company’s server, the IT department’s responsibility is to maintain the software and hardware. This means that employees don’t have to worry about fixing their computers or installing updates. The IT department can also troubleshoot any problems that may arise.


With RDP access, employees can use any device to work from anywhere in the world. It is easy for businesses to set up a virtual workspace with the right software and hardware so that employees can be productive right away. This convenience makes it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. Reliable tools like Egnyte is an all-in-one platform that help businesses to control and manage their data from anywhere. Using this tool, businesses can share files and collaborate in real time without the fear of data breach.


Ease of Use

The ideal RDP access solution should be easy to use so that employees can quickly start working remotely. Some solutions allow both computer-to-computer and computer-to-server connections. By allowing users to connect most comfortably, an enterprise can increase productivity without causing frustration.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using remote desktop access. It is a secure, convenient way to connect to your company’s network and allows employees to work from anywhere they have an internet connection.

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