A teardown video revealed the internal details of Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack

A teardown video revealed the internal details of Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack

As we all know in the past week, Apple’s Magsafe battery pack launched globally. However, we didn’t know the exact internal details of the power bank from the Apple Company. Keeping in this mind, the famous YouTube channel, charger lab in its teardown video unveiled the images of this chargeable gadget. According to the YouTube channel- Charger Lab, it is a two-cell battery pack up. Moreover, the YouTube channel leaked the internal design of the device in the video. Notably, this battery pack is only available for the family of iPhone 12. To recall, the series of iPhone 12 consists of:

  • The iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • The iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

In this blog post, we’ll try to figure out the main structure as well as the price, availability, and support of iPhones for this gadget. So keep on reading to know all the details about the Power Pack from Apple.

So without any further due, let’s begin!!!

Apple’s MagSafe
Apple’s MagSafe

Apple and Charger Lab:

As mentioned, the famous YouTube channel named Charger Lab disclosed the in-depth details of the battery pack from Apple.

Like other Apple products, the internal parts of the charging device are well organized as well as much complex. Some people thought of the simple organized parts, but that’s not true, in fact, the internal design along with two battery cells are way more complex than usual power banks of different companies.

Although the company itself didn’t reveal the technical stuff of the Power battery, however, many rumors were coming before its launch in the previous month. After the launch of the MagSafe Battery Pack in the past week, some of the rumors went right and most of the theories got wrong.

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Structure of Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack:

In this section of the article, we’ll discuss the in-depth details of the battery pack of iPhones.

For knowing the distance between the battery and the iPhone, there’s a built-in large coil, which detects the distance between the two of them. On the contrary, a thin coil inside the device acts as an NFC antenna. The NFC antenna or a thin coil is responsible for getting knowing that the battery pack is being connected.

If you want to disassemble or open the Pack then there’s no other way, but to remove the back cover, which results in destroying the charging pack. Moreover, there are no screws in the device that can be opened with the help of a screwdriver without destroying the back cover of the battery pack and also the iPhone.

According to the reports, the dual-cell design is important as it allows the voltage of the battery pack to be higher as compared to a single-cell design or a battery.

As per the leaked images, each battery cell has been labeled as 3.82 volts, so it means two cells will be packing 7.62 volts. Therefore, the battery pack will be giving more power as of only one individual cell.

In addition to this, a total output of 11.13Wh of power will be supplied by Apple’s Battery Pack that has a capacity of 1,460mAh.

To sum up, the MagSafe is available for the price tag of $99 around the globe. Last but not the least, the gadget will only be supporting the iPhones with the iOS version of 14.7.

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